AppChatter Review: Shift by MunkyFun, Inc

Shift by MunkyFun, Inc. is a fun and great-looking logic game. The goal in this game is to shift the shiny blue cubes into their places by using the objects around you and your brain. For each level there is a par number of moves to accomplish this task. This number indicates the smallest number of moves needed to beat the level. You can use as many moves as you need, though. On some levels there are holes into which the cubes can fall. Other cubes can ride on top of the ones that fall through, but if you lose too many cubes, you will have to restart the level. There are two ways to restart the game. You can just touch the restart button at the top, or you can tilt your device upside down. There are two ways to move the cubes; tilting your device or swiping your finger across the screen.

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