AppCraver Review: Super Ball 3

AppCraver writes: "If you haven't given Spiffyware's Super Ball 3 a try yet and you enjoy brick breaking games like Breakout, then definitely give this app a gander. Super Ball 3 is sleek, responsive, and has enough levels to remain a fresh pick on your iPhone menu for awhile. It is similar in play to 3D Brick Breaker Revolution and Block Breaker Deluxe 2, but Super Ball 3 has a few features I have yet to run across in a block breaking game.

Pardon the pun, but let's break it down. The main menu features new game mode, level maker mode, and recorded high scores. The level maker mode is part of what makes Super Ball 3 unique, but even without it, the regular game mode features four different modes of game play – Classic, Puzzle, Momentum, and Versus. The first three modes are single player and versus is a two-player version. Within Classic mode, you can play level sets from Super Ball 3, Super Ball 2 and any levels created in level maker mode. Puzzle mode features a toggle block that allows you to strategically turn blocks on and off for destroying. Within each mode are multiple levels, providing the potential for hours and hours of play."

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