Crackdown updates include new multiplayer modes

Several new competitive multiplayer modes have been added to Crackdown, with one being optionally cooperative. Apparently, one of the modes was inspired by a user-created video posted online (GASP, Game 3.0 on Xbox 360?!). Phil Wilson, Crackdown's producer, suggested that the creators would "eventually" be credited for the idea, adding that many of the videos popping up on YouTube (particularly this one) had impressed the development team. The new modes will likely be limited to two players, though Wilson teased that "the prospect of mass co-op is definitely an exciting one."

Wilson also confirmed that a free update will include a 'reset gangs' option, eliminating the frustrating need to delete the game data (or your Gamertag) from the hard drive in order to start over. Wilson apologized for the oversight and added, "while I'm spilling beans, there's also another great mode that I'm pretty sure is also kinda what you're asking for but a whole lot more -- so I hope that goes some way towards compensation."

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Drew4315d ago

Hopefully there's a versus mode, because then I think I'd end up playing this more than Halo 3.

ASSASSYN 36o4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )


gta_cb4315d ago

i do think this game rocks! its the only game i have nearly finished (except finding them dam orbs, and doing the races/ rooftop races) and also they could use that additional extra 250 gamer points hehe :P that would get my gamerscore over 3000 lol :P

Drew4315d ago

I meant the Halo 3 Beta.

Havince4315d ago

theyv said before they do think itl happen. but here is hoping. any idea when this is coming out ??????

Havince4315d ago

i mean multi multiplayer guys my mistake, as there is a co-op mode just remembered

SnakeDiesinMGS44315d ago

A 4 vs 4 would be a great idea. Crackdown is a great game but needs just a lil more substance to become a classic.