Australia get 360 HD-DVD add on: Films and games meet

AMONG the hype and the rush for PlayStation 3 consoles, Australia passed a significant gaming milestone last Friday.

The first next-generation game console, Xbox 360, turned one year old.
But rather than compete for attention with its new rival, Microsoft decided to wait until tomorrow to launch its birthday addition, the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player.

This accessory gives Xbox 360 users the option to upgrade their machine so they don't miss out on any aspect of the the high-definition revolution.

It will also put the Xbox 360 on a level playing field with PlayStation 3, as both will play high-definition DVDs, albeit in competing formats.

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scarlett_rg4761d ago

Mini-me Xbox360 ftw!

Ooo... but now the "PS3" and "Xbox360 + Mini-me" will be the same price! Whatever will we do?

Run away!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4761d ago

This is your big news?
A inferior add on, to a system that breaks every 5 mins.
hope ya get a warranty w/ your hd-dvd drives.
and your "elites/do overs".
This is A Dreamcast in the making.

gogators4761d ago

the HD-DVD is only for those who want it for HD movies. I have had mine since it's release in November, no problems.

Bathyj4761d ago

I'm just thinking about the power consumption having both running together as well as the noise of the X360 when trying to watch a movie. It would be nice if the player only had to be running. I might actually consider this for the price. Not to get HDDVD's as I'm pretty sure they will die this year but to upscale all my DVD's. It would be better if PS3 just got an update to do this but I've heard no word yet. This might be a decent alternative.

Hey, since when does Xbox have a "Home" screen? ;)

Mark4760d ago

Cheap way to get into hd dvd and best of all i can watch it on my 360 and pc :)

PureGamer4760d ago

when you add it up, its comes to round about the same as the PS3 so no its not cheap, plus HD DVD will be gone next year with most retailers dropping it.