New NiGHTS Sequel Confirmed!

It seems that NiGHTS for the Wii can officially be taken out of the rumor bag and into the confirmed bag. As you can see from the magazine cover, Swedish publication Game Reactor has an article in their April issue revealing NiGHTS and making sure to state that this is not an April Fool's Joke.

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hamburgerhill4758d ago

This game has stuck in my head for years and hopefully part 2 will live up to part 1! I don't know if bringing it to the Wii will serve this game right because of the system extremely poor limitations but I guess we will see!

ItsDubC4758d ago

"Extremely poor limitations" is a little harsh, don't u think? What exactly are these limitations that would hinder a NiGHTS sequel on the Wii? If you're referring to graphics, the artistic style of the original NiGHTS was never dependent upon photorealism. I think the Wii is more than capable of rendering the type of graphics that would suit a NiGHTS sequel, and that the artistic style of NiGHTS is actually a better fit for the console than either the PS3 or Xbox360. I'm more interested to see how a NiGHTS sequel would utilize the Wii's control scheme.

BlackIceJoe4758d ago

I just hope the game will be good. Games from Sega in the last few years are crap. So I hope this will not be a crappy game.

I wonder if there will be any chance the game will have online play and co-op play. If So I think that will be cool.

Drew4758d ago

I really hate to burst your guys' bubbles, but let's remember that this is April, and an April issue. I wouldn't get my hopes up. (Considering that I want a new NiGHTS so bad, this hurts me too.) =(

aqtrunks4758d ago

Drew read the article - it states several times about how it is not a hoax. Then again, who knows what the truth is, Sega should take notice however for the demand for this game and franchise. Considering Sonic crashed and burned on the previous gen and current gen consoles (though I've yet to play the Secret Rings), Sega really needs to come up with something to make some cash.