Crackdown Content Could Include Airborne Vehicles

You really don't need much transportation to get around in Crackdown. Swallow a few hundred agility orbs and leaping from one side of the map to the other is effortless. But, now that most gamers have started replaying the game simply due to lack of anything better to do until the Halo 3 beta goes online, the team at Real Time Worlds is prepping their downloadable content -- and it could include some surprises.

Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Phil Whilson mused on how they had originally ruled out including airborne vehicles into Crackdown because of the focus on player agility and possible engine limitations. At the end of development, however, they realized the engine could certainly handle allowing players to rule the skies:

"Since nothing's announced for the forthcoming downloadable content I have to be careful what I say about it, but flying vehicles are something that we initially decided to steer well clear of. As it happens that latter concern was irrelevant because, as you can see in the finished game, the existing engine can handle immense draw distances and rapid streaming... so airborne antics is definitely not off the table going forward."

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hamburgerhill4808d ago

Cool can't wait but I really just hope they add a ton of missions! Treat this game right because it has the potential of being the best freaking superhero game in existence!

T-Virus4808d ago

Get a vehicle 300 ft in the air would be easy.
Get to the top of the agency tower would be easy
Keep a vehicle in the air for 6 seconds would be easy.
All easy achievements.

God of Gaming4808d ago

Which we all have by now. Id love to fly around in this game!

JOLLY14808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

yeah those achievements are pretty easy!
the fun one is driving the suv all the way up the agency tower
(that's freaking hilarious)

T-Virus4808d ago

What about the n00bz to the game, who have just bought it?

JOLLY14808d ago

all you have to do is take a vehicle up the mountain in los muertos (spelling) and jump off can get 2 of those 3 achievements(with 0 stars)

God of Gaming4808d ago

Simple... dont allow the flying vehicles to be flown unless you are maxed out on driving. This way no noobs will have to worry about getting the achievements the cheap way in a flying vehicle.

ASSASSYN 36o4808d ago

If you don`t have the agility to survive and be mobile up there you will die or not get far. So what would it matter if you have airborne transportation. Plus it adds to the replay value of the game. I finished it and would love to replay it with new vehicles. Just like I have replayed oblivion with new weapons from downloads.

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gogators4808d ago

content, particularly if it will help find some orbs. Only 14 more agility orbs to go.

shotty4808d ago

I just got my last agility orb on saturday!!! Jaw Dropped

Drew4808d ago

I would love for this to happen. This game is so cool. I play it and play it, and can't stop. I need something more to do. ._.

Theo11304808d ago

Keep the planes just fix the driving mission to not have pedestrians, and the option not to have alot of the hud up.

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