GTA Gang Founder Sentenced to 75 Years in Prison

The case of 27-year-old Gregory Colbert is a strange one. The man founded a gang in Oakland, but it wasn't what most people would consider a "normal" gang. Colbert's gang, the Nut Cases, was based completely around the Grand Theft Auto franchise -- specifically, the founder and his friends would play GTA, get high, and then commit real-world crimes based on the actions they were doing in-game. Thankfully, the crime spree has caught up with Colbert. Game Politics has reported that Gergory Colbert has received a sentence of 75 years to life in prison.

This sentence does not come based on the murder of an innocent civilian like in the games, though Colbert is already a convicted felon and was believed to be involved in five other murders, for which there was not enough evidence to charge him. This latest murder, taking place June 7, 2004, was of 20-year-old Glen Phaso, Colbert's friend and fellow gang member. It's unclear why Colbert killed Phaso, though it's believed that it was due either to Phaso raping another friend earlier or refusing an order to murder someone.

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Whoooop5244d ago

Now that's what i call nextgen...

Hymons5244d ago

Can't get much more realistic than that.. lol. for the ones that were harmed though.

The BS Police5244d ago

Jack Thompson is definitly geting his kicks out of this.

Bleyd5244d ago

But this isn't any better or worse than when kids were found going out into the woods to play their dice rolling, role playing games and fighting each other and then if one of them happened to die by the roll of the dice then they'd kill that kid. It doesn't matter what game it is or what the influence is. People will always find a way to kill other people and do harm in general. It's the depravity of mankind that's at fault here and not outside influences because people are bad and they will do bad things with or without those influences.