Some Wet, Well-Lit CryEngine Demo Footage

Crysis and Far Cry developers Crytek don't just make games. They make game engines. And their latest engine is the CryEngine 3, which struts its stuff in a new video.
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peeps3456d ago

"Crysis and Far Cry developers Crytek don't just make games. They make game engines." see i always thought when ppl thought of crytek though thought about the game engine over the games but ah well. It is looking to be a really nice engine though. can't wait to see games making the most out of it (altho i guess we'll be waiting a while)

Perjoss3456d ago

Crytek remind me a bit of id software, they take engine development very seriously, but Crytek fell short when it came to optimizing the cryengine2, having said that Crysis was an amazing game and had some epic moments indeed.

table3456d ago

I'm hoping that it should become an industry standard for devs. The UE3 engine was good while it lasted but I feel it has been used to its fullest and it's time to move on.

Is there going to be an UE4 anytime soon?

FragMnTagM3456d ago

Can't wait to see some games use this. Don't know why all the hate for this engine. It is a great engine, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to see an eye doctor, or is just a rabid fan of another engine, and nothing is better than said engine.

osamaq3456d ago

we got sick from last gen unreal engine 3 graphics, which almost all games have been made on, this engine look very sexy, cant wait to play some games on it

TABSF3456d ago

cryengine 2 look way better than anything i have seen on cryengine 3 but a worker at crytek said the PC version of cryengine 3 is gona walk over the CE2.

CE3 console look like CE2 at medium with some setting low and some high

Ju3456d ago

^^ that's why they made it. Define high on CE2. Playable ? Or taking a screen shot ? CE3 is doing what CE2 does with half the horsepower, (or whatever, less at least) and thus makes it suitable for consoles. And they didn't waste a thing from CE2, guess CE3 is now scalable, means can even optimize more on slower PCs or push further on top and machines. Feature wise its not a major upgrade, Crytek themselves said it. So, why would you expect that ? Would be nice if I could play high on my quad with 9600GT - which Remnant has no problems with. CE2 doesn't even scale well to 4 cores...

FantasyStar3456d ago

CE2 was built with future tech in mind. Of course current-tech is going to crumble before CE2. I expect DX11-based cards to really make CE2 fly. Wishful thinking on my part.

Kakkoii3455d ago

@Perjoss: Not optimized??? Why do you say that? Just because it takes such good tech to run it max?

That's not because it's not optimized lol. That's because it users so many advanced features. They optimized the hell out of CE2, they worked along with Nvidia to do just that. So we could have such a realistic looking world, while still being able to run on current hardware. (of course not on max)

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kingme713456d ago

Looks stunning. Imagine playing Elder Scrolls 5 walking around in an environment like that?

G4Chicks3456d ago

I was going to mention that...
An Elder Scrolls V with this engine would be really cool to play. I like Morrowing and Oblivion but I wished the developers could have worked on the NPCs one interacts with as well as certain environment things

Kurylo3d3456d ago

This is the type of stuff that shuts up people who think killzone and crysis could be compared.

PtRoLLFacE3456d ago

i don't know why people even bother comparing those 2 games, if you have a gaming ring and can run crysis at very high, u ll be laughing at all those people saying killzone 2 looks better lol

PtRoLLFacE3456d ago

there probably going to be some really good looking games from this engine on consoles, but i think the real potential is going to be on the pc version of games like it always been

BX813456d ago

I agree, but I'm really looking forward to seeing an Xbox 360 game use this engine. A lot of people say the 360 is used to it's full potential, so I want to see if a better looking game will surface with this engine.

manwich253456d ago

I've said it before and I am gonna say it again. Bungie needs to man up and get their hands on this engine.

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