Namco Bandai's new PS3 "exclusives" not so exclusive after all?

Joystiq's translator has the following to say:

- These likely aren't scans at all -- they're either mock-ups or leaked page template files.
- There is no confirmation that these are PS3 games or even games at all! Team Aces is behind the wheel, however, and they recently made Ace Combat 6 an Xbox 360 exclusive...
- If Cellius is involved, it is not evidenced here.

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Violater4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Wait for official news.
[email protected] I don't have enough bubbles for this topic.

techie4760d ago

We knew they were concepts only...Cellius was provided by sources. Hey ho. We won't find out for a year or so.

kingboy4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Not forgetting this is coming from Joystiq,a very bias anti sony blog..No one ever said Ace Combat was 360 exclusive duh! I guess we all need an official confirmation

consolewar4760d ago

easy boy, easy I'm pretty sure this is just a rumor, dont wet your panties on this one. You'll have plenty to cry about in the future I promise you.

zonetrooper54760d ago

This could generate a big comment section...

GaMr-4760d ago

It just seems like someone is going out of their way to steal Sony's thunder...

People wanna bring hate on the Big "S" Too Badd Soo Sad !!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4760d ago

Or may be there just handing it to us with there own mistakes.

GaMr-4760d ago

"Or may be there just handing it to us with there own mistakes."

One of your better comments. Im impressed. See what happens when you think before you type... you get results. If you had said that around nov-2006- to about late Jan-2007 I would of agreed... But Sony really picked it far as

Virtua Fighter looking good
Getting Immersion to Settle
GDC 2007
Folding @ Home (I thought when people said it can "Cure Cancer" they were mocking)

Euro Launch- 600K sold...pretty nice


; )

All they have to do now is keep Ken K. and Kaz Hirai away from the media and they will be fine.

I would hate to see a repeat of "4D Riiiiiidge Racccceeerrr"

Nuff Said.

DC RID3R4760d ago

Insomniac seem VERY confident on the PS3 this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.