Nintendo attempts to block Wii modchips in newest console revision

Nintendo has altered the circuit layout of its Wii games console in order to block the increasing use of modification chips (modchips). However, new-generation modchips capable of working with the revised Wii consoles may become available in less than a month, according to retail channels in Taiwan.

The new Wiis, which are part of new shipments of the console, have an altered circuit layout that makes modification more difficult than in earlier versions. Users attempting to mod the new consoles using current modchips are very likely to damage the system, the sources pointed out.

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hfaze4753d ago

Honestly, I'm surprised that the first Wii modchips came out so quickly after launch... The GameCube didn't get a modchip until at least halfway through the lifecycle.

BUT... It's inevitable... Every console will end up either hacked or chipped. And usually the more of a challenge you make it to chip the system, the more people you'll have working to get around your copy protection...

At least it's not as easy to play pirated games on the Wii as it is on the DS... One adapter cartridge, MicroSD card, and some dragging and dropping later, you're jamming out...

shotty4753d ago

Know you can skip the adapter and just save it directly onto the SD and pop it into the wii or burn it to a DVD R. GO NINTENDO, show those hackers who boss!!!! ;)

neogeo4753d ago

I wont lie. If a good mod came for PS3 I would be the first to pick it up. not only does Sony lose money selling me the system, but they will not make it back because I will copy every game I can get my stinkey lil hands on.

I'm sure to lose a bubble or 2 with that one:)