Gamestop's accidental 120GB HDD preorder

Getting sick of the Xbox 360 Elite or the 120GB HDD rumors yet? Didn't think so. Today, TheDiggMan posted a screenshot from his online Gamestop searching where he stumbled upon the rumored 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive. Soon, after TheDiggMan found the listed 120GB HDD the item was taken down from the website, pulled by the Gamestop webmaster gnomes.

It's about 97.4% certain that a 120GB HDD will be releasing soon, but what's interesting about this screenshot is the ship date and price information. $150 isn't a horrible price point seeing that it's $50 more than the 20GB HDD, but it's still a darn expensive peripheral. And if the April 1st pre-release date is correct, all this HDD and Elite speculation will be put to rest, because Microsoft should be making an announcement soon. Fanboys, if you're looking for more hard drive space, will you be purchasing the new Xbox 360 Elite or the separate 120GB HDD add on?

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D R Fz4751d ago

That's almost $100 more than the 120 Gb Hard drive I got for my PS3. Guess I'll just have to manage with the 20 Gb hard drive already in my 360 until i run out of space.

allexx_24751d ago

Aren't other brand hard drives cheaper? They should lower the price for this, especially the 20 gig hard drive. I still will buy if this is the price because i will need the space in the long run.

SmokeyMcBear4751d ago

so wait, you can't just add any 2.5" hard drive like the ps3, you have to buy microsoft's hard drive? interesting

allexx_24751d ago

thats what sucks about the hard drive for the 360 that u cant use any other 2.5" hard drive instead of microsoft's hard drives...

Keyser4751d ago

Yeah, not a good move by MS to isolate its hard drive from the rest of the hardrives on the market. That should have been a no brainer especially considering how fast hard drives grow in size. I can only imagine it was one of two reasons (perhaps a combination of them both):

1. They wanted to keep the profits to themselves and force people to use their equipment.

2. There is some kind of hardware issue if you use a hardrive that isn't MS.

For instance, I can't use an 8gb flash card on a Treo 600 because the hardware isn't set up for the two take advantage of the space. I had that happen when I built my computer 5 years ago. I had to replace the motherboard because the hard drive I wanted to use was too big for the motherboard. Anything is possible...

DEIx15x84751d ago

Best Buy offers 120 gb external hard drives from $110 to $150 with most around $135 so this isn't that over priced. This drive needs to be compared to external rather than internal since they include a case that is nicer than most.

kewlkat0074751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

It's all about royalties, business and Profits.(Just ask Sony about its MEM STICK + PSP), then you'll understand why companies try to keep things "prepriatory". They could of used SD right...

Seems like that price is not too bad since they want profits, then again it is still a business. YES I hate it but MS is no different than many companies. It's sucks I agree, but oh well. Were gonna get raped one way or another.

allexx_24751d ago

yeah we will get raped one way or the other....but oh well ill need the space anyways...

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