InFamous' Uncharted Beta NOT exclusive to in UK

Gamezine: Sony UK has let us know that the below information is untrue. will not exclusively give Uncharted 2 Beta keys away in the UK.

"The offer will actually be available from a number of select online retailers in the UK," a SCE-UK representative told us.

When we know which retailers will be involved in the InFamous/Uncharted 2 promotion, we'll let you know.

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WhittO3458d ago

ye they really want this game to sell!!

i was going to buy off anyway, they always deliver a day early or on the release day when i pre-order (which is like 4 games i pre-ordered from there now).
Only thing is, all first party Sony games are usually £32.99 ! but this is like £39.99, i know not a big difference but still doesnt have the "first-party discount" lol.

table3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

they usually drop the price closer to release date just to get in some more pre-orders. I reckon we'll see this with infamous. Once it has released the price will go back up again. They did this with RE5 and Killzone2.

WhittO3458d ago

ye Killzone 2 was £39.99 then like a week before launch went down to £29.99 !!

Kurisu3458d ago

I'm sure pre orders gained a huge boost on their site yesterday due to this "misunderstanding". I pre-ordered mine their yesterday. Maybe if GAME start offer the Beta codes I'll cancel with play so I can earn points on my card.

Cajun Chicken3458d ago

I'd better get seeing about pre-ordering this soon.

Javier193458d ago

I hope it comes on another site too, i dont wanna pay £39.99..

MGOelite3458d ago

i hope it comes to HMV, game or gamestation

table3458d ago

HMV and Game are terrible. Charge way over the odds. Honestly you can't beat and I garuntee play will be cheaper than these places when it's released.

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The story is too old to be commented.