Microsoft: Major Announcement On Wednesday

Microsoft Australia will on Wednesday make a "major announcement" to coincide with the first birthday of the Xbox 360.

While unconfirmed, all signs suggest Microsoft will introduce a revamped "Elite" version of the games console, with new features such as a larger hard disk drive and a built-in HDMI connector.

The announcement, to be made within a week of the Australian debut of the Playstation 3, comes as Microsoft faces the daunting task of keeping the Xbox 360 fresh in the face of renewed competition from Sony and Nintendo.

At the weekend, San Jose Mercury News journalist Dean Takahashi wrote on his blog that "several sources confirmed Microsoft plans to add this box [the Xbox 360 Elite] to its product line".

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techie4763d ago

I suppose your title is better...but still announcing announcements is kind of lame.

consolewar4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Now that's lame, you are trying too hard. At least General Mart of the MDF is completely aware of his status. DJ and others are also well defined. "Top gamer" that's another one that is trying too hard.

Oh by the way yes Premium owners got own.

techie4762d ago

What? One I thought this had been announced before, and two don't you think announcing announcements that have been announced before is lame?

I'm no fanboy...and have not showed any fanboy behaviour. What I have shown is preference and a want to bash FUD and irrationality. I will never bash a console for the sake of it - that is what a fanboy does. I will offer measured arguments for my position and show what games i like and my opinion. I have no hate towards anything...i like games on both consoles, nothing wrong with having a preference.

zonetrooper54763d ago

Sounds cool but i don't think it will be the Elite Xbox 360. I reckon it will be some more content, the HD movie download section for the aussies. It could be a bigger hard drive.

JIN KAZAMA4763d ago

"We have SCREWED all the PREMIUM Owners!"

The BS Police4762d ago

That msot Xbox 360 owners could care less about the Elite Edition.

Keyser4762d ago

^^^^ That's not true my friend (term used loosely). That is a subjective opinion. I would like to see a poll asking current 360 owners if they would have preferred to buy this Elite 360 or the Premium at launch. I for one, would have purchased the Elite and some of my buddies agree.
The fact that it's coming out in black...geesh...its makes itself a target for the PS3's Stan. (Eminem song for those who don't know...) I have use for the HDMI connection and who doesn't want a bigger hard drive when clearly, bigger is better. Am I going to buy a new 360? No way! If they check their cophers they've got my $400 bucks and they won't get $475 more unless it's in the form of games or 8 more years of Xbox live service.

sak5004762d ago

YOu sony fanboi got screwed...We are happy with our 360s whether they be core or premium. I own both. One PAL and one NTSC(J). I only will buy the 120 GB HD as my 50" HDTV doesnt have HDMI, the mofos at sony dint think of putting one in 1 1/2 yrs back.

GaMr-4763d ago

is now multi platform... it will be on the PS3,Wii and Xbox360

ohhh and we are releasing exclusive sequels to our blockbuster hit burger king games..

Sneak-King Part 2: Now featuring Solid Snake and Sam Fisher

Their... I leaked

Just kidding. I think its probably the Halo 3 official release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.