New ArmA II screenshots

505 Games published new screenshots from ArmA II.

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Supercalifragili3484d ago

This game will be released only on PC?

Mandaspt3484d ago

Now is a bit confusing, but I think the game turned out to be PC exclusive.

freeman293484d ago

The game is very realistic.

Revvin3484d ago

Its a PC exclusive now? perhaps they didn't want to go head to head with Operation Flashpoint 2 as there seems to be quite a bitter rivalry between the two developers. ARMA is a buggy mess, poor AI, poor animation and poorly optimised. It runs like a pig on all but a super computer and just fails on so many levels I only bther installing it if a major patch comes out to see if they can finally fix it. Love the idea of the game just hate the execution of it.