PS3 Breaks Sales Records:600K Sold in Europe:

BBC.UK Reports:

"More than a million consoles were shipped across Europe on launch day last week with 600,000 sold.

Sony is hoping to retake its title as the console market leader, as Microsoft and Nintendo head the next-gen race."

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techie5237d ago

Wow that was a mixed up article! It was mixxing up the sales news and the tekken arcade using cell into one article. Very interesting and random journalism lol. Where did they get this 600,000 figure from? I thought chart track only do the UK?

GaMr-5237d ago

They seem a little "all over the place" with the article but none the less. They are a trusted site and have never been misleading. Im still waiting for those official numbers though. But I have heard numbers up around 550,000-600K roughly and this was yesterday.

JasonXE5237d ago

there mainly politic-world cnn type of media and not gaming journalist.

techie5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

is that good? I have nothing to measure it by except UK launch figures...I am unaware of Europe laucnh figures...I'll try and scout them out. ps. PM

Lol. Ok I've done some scouting...they are quite amusing actually.

All I could find were numbers for the year of launch...from Novemeber through December of the launch year (so not just the 4 days of launch but the whole month and a bit including christmas sales)

So ps2 670,000 in Europe for 2000

360, 390,000 in Europe for 2005

shortages etc. No comment.

peksi5237d ago

I saw 550k in a french forum but no references. But I suppose BBC has better sources than us.

Antan5237d ago

The thing about those 70k UK 360 numbers is just how many of these were bought and put straight on ebay to sell on?

600k is a great achievment, no amount of twisting from certain "individuals" or amateur anlysts can deny the especially great achievement considering its a 425 squid machine!! Well done Sony, done something right for a change. Now try and build on this........How many would they of sold if a 100 notes cheaper? Naturally things will drop off over the coming months and then build up for christmas.............

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The story is too old to be commented.