The Next Evolution In Brain Training Games For The DS

Publisher 505 Games is pleased to announce that the next evolution in the popular 'brain training' phenomenon is headed for Nintendo DS on May 4th. MinDStorm, from developer ASK Co. Ltd., takes brain exercise software to a new level and offers a whole raft of exciting new games, features and challenges – all designed specifically to stimulate and improve the player's brain functions and most importantly, be fun to play in their own right.

Transform gaming curiosity into powerful thinking with MinDStorm. The game features ten distinct types of challenge for players, all of which are simple to pick up and play using the Nintendo DS stylus, touch screen and microphone. Each of MinDStorm's challenges is designed to focus on enhancing the player's reason, endurance, analysis, intuition or observation. Regardless of the type of game chosen, extended play results in improved overall brain function and enhanced memory.

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