Popmatters Review: Guitar Hero: Metallica

Popmatters writes:

"despite the polish of Guitar Hero: Metallica and the quality source material, it is still hard to get too excited about paying $60 for the game unless you love the band or are a fake plastic instrument junkie. As I stated in my review for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, I still think that fans would be best served by releasing Guitar Hero: Metallica as either a budget priced expansion pack to World Tour or as downloadable content on Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. The other approach could have been to take the "Play Metallica's Career" idea much further and turned it into a Guitar Hero role-playing game where you could set up practice spaces, hire a manager, make an embarrassing documentary, and publicly fight against college kids downloading your music off the internet. OK, maybe not that last part.

As it is, pick up Guitar Hero: Metallica immediately for a truly face-melting experience."

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ozzman6653484d ago

okay ill level with you about aerosmiths one they honestly didnt rly deserve to go first for their own game anyway but their game sucked their music isnt hard enough to put a label like guitar hero behind, metallicas different because every song draws you into something new and because of hammetts erratic playing style it forces you to up your game and accept a challenge