Moore Defends Tyson on Fight Night Box Cover

EA Sports President Peter Moore has defended putting convicted rapist Mike Tyson on the cover of Fight Night Round 4, saying he's on the box because "he's one of the greatest boxers of all time."

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rogimusprime3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

, he beat the hell out of his wife, he once spoke " I want to eat his children" - referring to what he was going to do to an opponent. Evander's Ear?

he's also admitted he's done a lot of women wrong. The one thing that he consistently denied was raping that beauty pageant contestant.

Does this mean he's innocent? Hell no. But there are clearly holes in the American Justice system which condemn innocent people all the time. Just something to think about before we start passing judgement on people.

Ali (Cassius Clay) was branded a dodge drafter because he refused to go to VIETNAM. Why is he on the cover? He's a traitor!

Can we just leave the damn politics at the door and play the games. I'm 27 and I was only about 10 when this "rape" thing went to trial. This means a LOT of gamers weren't even born when this happened.

I'm not defending Tyson, I'm just's a boxing game.

Maybe we can complain when if Chris Brown is on the cover of singstar later this year?

Clearly any publicity on this game will only make it sell more copies, I know i'm picking it up.

labaronx3510d ago

even after his conviction he still had many fights and nobody complained then.

Flipgeneral3510d ago

Well said my friend, we all know that they were both graced with genius regarding the sweet science. And I'm glad this is not being blown out of proportion by the media