Square Enix Mystery Game To Be Revealed At E3

A new website from Square-Enix opened today. Simply showing a futuristic city, with gunshots and explosions in the background and a famous quote from John F. Kennedy. The question is what system and when?

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nightelfmohawk3461d ago

let it be a sequel or remake of either Final Fantasy III / VI or Chronotrigger! :D

Between the two, I REALLY would prefer a sequel to FF III /VI with Kefka returning as the bad ass villain again!

vidgmr3461d ago

I'm thinking it's the new Front Mission title.

BrunoM3459d ago

oo snap is FF7 ...

hope is a NEW IP they need a new ip and hoping its a good game too ..

but ya new IP i hope

hotmandy3461d ago

yep I'm thinking the same.

Jamegohanssj53461d ago

After all the bull crap they've given us PS3 owners I would hope it's exclusive, but I don't have to worry aboot that happening except from Nomura.


Raoh3459d ago

It could be rapture their new MMORPG they have been working on.

I think Square did a great job with FFXI, so i'm looking forward to their new MMORPG.

FFXIII and Versus, the jury is still out on that.

other than that Square can kiss my aZZ