15 More Tracks Coming To Lips In May

OXCGN Writes:

"It seems Microsoft is not content with the amount of content currently available on Lips, the singing/party game taking over the lounge room across Australia. Starting the 2nd of May, Lips will be receiving at least 3 tunes a week for the month of May. Details below."

Immortal Kaim5410d ago

Never played this but it is good they are actually supporting the title with DLC. I heard Sing Star is still the premier singing/karaoke game though?

II Necroplasm II5410d ago

Yes it is. But for me if this had GOATWHORE I would get this game.

PSP25410d ago

lol its taking over the lounge room in australia :D

Superfragilistic5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

Yeah I was going to elaborate on what lips do with stuff like it "blows" or "sucks"... but that's probably a bit too harsh!

Lips is a "wet" IP with some great design ideas, but only executed adequately. It looks pretty with a nice coat of "lipstick" and its good to see it "kissing" MS's ass for continued support, which is sure to have MS "smiling" as it improves with inevitable sequels (just like its competition has).

But for the time being Lips continues to "mime" and "lipsync" the superior Singstar.

Till then I'll be "licking my lips" for when it gets better! ;)

Superfragilistic5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

I see what you did there... :/

REALgamer5410d ago

But hey, for all those with a lack of inhibition now you've got 16 more chances to annoy the neigbours, I guess.

gaminoz5410d ago

Me too, unless it's my kids...then I goof off. I still have nightmares of singing Africa by Toto on a kareoke machine with mates after a few beers....it was sooooo awful dogs started howling.

Good to see MS supporting Lips still.

Godem5410d ago

still not going to make me buy it... lol

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0mega44933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

i think the whole music simulation genre is slowing down in popularity

it was an amazing way to experience new&old music but now its not much more than greedy companies competing to get the next sequel out as fast as possible with little innovation

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