2011 The Next Xbox Will Shine. Is Ubisoft Leading The Way?

With Microsoft having a quiet year thus far, they need a bang to steal thunder away from Sony, and this will do just that. Don Mattrick was quoted as saying, "we are gearing up for a big presence at E3 which will completely transform how people think about home entertainment." This could be a reveal of their new hardware.

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PSP23511d ago

who said the next xbox is 2011

- Ghost of Sparta -3511d ago

It's Hip Hop Gamer. Just ignore everything they have to say.

PSP23511d ago

who said theres a next xbox in the first place pls hiphopgamer answer my question because i dont understand maybe here in my country the news hasnt come out

BLaZiN PRopHeT3511d ago

Check the archieves of this site. theres a story about the makers of WOW are in talking with MS on what they would like inside the next Xbox. MS does this with devs, they did it when the 360 was launched.

Epic said they needed 512 MB of ram to make gears and MS put it in.

TrevorPhillips3511d ago

Next Xbox 720 to launch in 2011-2012 according to Microsoft

PSP23511d ago

pls link me to microsoft where they say the next xbox is launching in 2011 and 2012 what games did they say it will launch with and what are the hardware specs is it on the same level as the ps3 or is it a step back like nintendo did this generation

soxfan20053511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

PS3 will be 5 or 6 years old by then. I'm sure whatever MS comes up with will far exceed the PS3's specs, at a similar price, just as the PS4 will as well at around the same time. Laws of technology have proven that capacities double, while prices remain the same, about every two years. Nintendo, on the other hand, could use 5 year old technology in 2011 to produce a PS3 quality Wii 2 and sell it dirt cheap.

DongHungLong3511d ago

Even though you've thrown Moore's law completely out of context I'm sure that is what you are referring to. However many are now saying that the law may not hold true for the near future.

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