Left 4 Dead 40% off on Steam

Valve has taken 40% off Left 4 Dead in celebration of tonight's free 24 hour trial of the game on Steam.

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Raoh3458d ago

This game does not get enough credit. i know its a success. i know its loved. but honestly i dont think its become the gaming giant it should be.

Valve stuck their big toe in this one and came out with a hit. If there is a god, he will allow valve to continue the series...

Capt CHAOS3458d ago

good some other (not to mention) FPS is.

My son plays it on the PC and I have played it on the 360. The game is a gem online.

Major_Tom3458d ago

It's really not a shooter for Xbox 360 though. Best played on PC by a long shot.

Acidicpack3458d ago

This is one hell of a great game. Have to admit that I play this much more on the PC than I do on my 360. And its true this game does not get enough credit.

Also i cant think Valve enough for all the free DLC love that they have been giving LFD. They really know how to treat there fans. I hope and pray that there will be a LFD2.

cupogoodness3458d ago

"I hope and pray that there will be a LFD2."

There doesn't even have to be a second game the way Valve runs their post launch support.

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omni_atlas3458d ago

I feel kind of short changed now. The original was 50 USD and now its really dirt cheap. good deal, get it if you don't already have it.

MasterChief36243458d ago

My friend has been on the fence about getting this game for some odd reason, but now that it's this cheap through the weekend, I'm pretty sure this is an offer he won't be able to turn down.

Awesome game. A real steal at this price, too.

ballsofsteel3458d ago

man i want to get his game but i wish they would do these sales for retail copies i prefer buying in store

MasterChief36243457d ago

I prefer a physical exchange for my currency, personally.

Digital downloads are great, but it does feel better and more fulfilling to receive a physical copy of the thing I just bought, lol. I DO like that better.