Microsoft looks to beat touch with voice

Mobile Entertainment Writes: New Tellme speech control tool to be built into upcoming Windows Mobile handsets.

Microsoft is looking to trump the iPhone's touchscreen UI with voice activated commands for all kinds of handset functions.

The Tellme technology will be built into Windows Mobile 6.5-powered devices due to hit the market this autumn.

Microsoft reckons research shows people prefer voice over touch, pointing out that one verbal command can do what usually requires four touches.

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heroicjanitor3460d ago

But I imagine I will be shouting "CALL EDDIE FOR FひCK'S SAKE" a lot

FragMnTagM3460d ago

Would be great if it had touch plus voice. Touch while you are not in a situation to use a voice command. And use voice to save a lot of time, like when you are driving.

Kaneda3460d ago

I guess when this tech is coming out. A lot people will be yelling in public.. :) if touching your phone isn't enough..

Kyur4ThePain3460d ago

Brilliant post! LOL

IcarusOne3460d ago

As if the iPhone isn't enough of a douche tech (ironically I have one and can attest to its evil powers of corruption), now MS wants to add voice to it? So we'll have an army of douches with douchephones, only now instead of just watching them tap away on the screen, we'll have to hear every douchey thing they're doing?

Count me in.

Zeevious3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I already have this on my now 'old' AT&T Tilt with built-in "Microsoft Voice Command"

After correcting Microsoft's numerous design, operating & functional flaws with the 6.1 version of their Smartphone Windows Mobile OS, with my Custom ROM, you get . . .

Touch screen, slide-out keyboard, flip up screen, video, flash & full voice interface for everything from dialing by number, name, contact entries, reading my schedule to me, controlling the phone, starting programs, selecting and playing media by album, artist, type of music, etc all completely with my voice.

It is very accurate and the audible interface clearly generates words dynamically, so is not just set to a word-list of predefined commands. It interactively includes names of files, programs, music, events, status, & other information read to select from or inform you.

So if my busy pimping schedule included an entry like would be read to me accurately:

"Start a petty argument. Suggested topics: Work. Home. Pimp Money. Whores. Etc. Etc. . . I suggest bickering about whores." adding "In 15 minutes"

I say "Play Album" my phone replies "Which Album?" then reads an interruptible list of albums to select from.

I say "Josie and the Puzzycats" and that's what plays.
I could also have simply said "Play ________ "

It's all fully voice controlled.
If you haven't had a phone like is the difference between a sunny day & an eclipse. This feature alone has kept me from dumping the otherwise typically buggy, feature-rich/feature-glitched Microsoft Mobile OS for an iPhone or iClone

Like all voice-assisted interfaces, this works best in noisy environments with a noise canceling headset or noise cancellation built into the phones hardware or software.

All that said...I have on rare occasions had to scream "CALL EDDIE FOR F*CK'S SAKE"

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koehler833460d ago

Well if Nintendo DS has taught us anything it's that people don't want to be giving their personal devices voice commands in public.

We don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to appear batshit loco in the eyes of the general public. (Though Microsoft often appear to want to spend billions to accomplish it.)

TheBand1t3460d ago

Yea, don't think I want to shout "FIND INTERRACIAL LESBIAN GANGBANG" in public.

themyk3460d ago

if that comment doesn't warrant a bubble i dont know what does.

Sitdown3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Are you shamed?

But I agree...not necessarily the most functional feature while in public or a quiet setting.

Baka-akaB3460d ago

How do you even prevent vocal commands during a phone call anyway ? It if its button based like a talkie or de-activated completely during the call then imo its pretty useless anyway . Purely stuff to show off

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