So Much for High-Def DVD

The home theater war to end all wars -- the battle between the Blu-ray and HD-DVD next generation platforms -- has amounted to little more than a back alley skirmish so far.

You don't own a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player? Join the club. It's been a struggle for either format to gain much of an audience early in the adoption cycle. Between product delays, high sticker prices, and bickering studios, neither format is any closer to displacing the conventional DVD as the physical media of choice.

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techie4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Uh just so you know. Casino Royal BLU_RAY was in the top ten sales among DVD' HD viewing is on the way up. Twas number8...first time an HD format has been in the top ten.

That was reported last week and I believe it was for the whole of the US.

ps. I still have videos. Ps2 is still my only dvd player lol.

pps. Digital distribution is a long way off. I will continue to buy cd's. The net isnt as strong over here as in the US. I really do prefer CD's and DVD's to any downloaded content and will continue to do so.

OldSchoolGamer4313d ago

Was that in top ten for one site? Whole industry, and is it being packaged with anything?

Also, as stated here, like most consumers only early adopters are the only ones to pick up either blu-ray or hd dvd and I like most, am going to wait until they finish slugging it out. Happy with good ole' DVD's here. =)

HokieFan4312d ago

They just said Casino Royale sold 100K copies on Blu-ray already...pretty impressive. Also, Children of Men on HD DVD is in the top 20 right now on Amazon, and Happy Feet (HD DVD is 26, Blu-ray 30), Casino Royale, Planet Earth (HD DVD) are all in the top 50.

People are starting to buy HD movies, but they tend trail off the sales charts quickly. Even Casino Royale is falling fast.

Boink4313d ago

both useless, I still don't know anyone who has a player, except for 1 guy with a ps3, who hasn't bought a movie yet. amazingly, he wanted it for games.

I think DVD will be the last disc format we see before digital distribution, that'll teach sony and toshiba a lesson.

shotputking4312d ago

high definition video is going to skip both of these mediums as far as the mainstream is concerned. the future is downloading all your hd movies, neither of these will "win" the war here.

Bathyj4312d ago

Its like I've always said. DVD isn't going anywhere for a while. HD movie sales will go up. Players get cheaper, more PS3's sell and more titles will become available. But even people who will be buying BR or HDDVD will still be buying DVD's as well. DVD's are so cheap now I buy about 5 a week. It will be a long time before the new formats make any serious dent in that total percentage sold.

I have no interest in downloading movies. Who wants to wait to download a 20G file when you want to watch it now. It took hours to download one ep of Southpark. Just how big are these hardrives going to have to be to store these movies? I'd rather have 20 BluRay disks that fill up a 400G HD.

dantesparda4312d ago

These people dont seem to get that. Unless you just wanna watch the movie and then get rid of it, you are going to quickly start filling up your HDD,and most people when they buy these movies, they wanna be able to keep them, unless they are much cheaper. And in this day and age of 4gigs+ games (and quickly getting bigger) and all the videos and songs that you'll have on your HDD, space is valuable! So to start eating it up with HD movies, is just adding to the problem. Plus most of these HD movies over the internet or from Xbox Live, are even more compressed, so therefore they wont look as good as they could. I was watching that free South Park episode of Xbox live. And it looked worst than the movies look on my computers DVD player. And mind you, thats while watching the movies on my computer at a lower res (800x600) compared to 1280x720P on the 360, on the same monitor.

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The story is too old to be commented.