Ray Maguire claims Sony to put more focus on PSP

And after a brief post-GDC spate of rumours and speculation owing to its conspicuous absence from the event, the PSP's profile has died down again.

But according to recent comments made by Sony UK boss Ray Maguire to trade site, that's all about to change.

"From a PSP situation we have a wider split of third-party versus first-party than our competitors do, who are very much first-party developers," admits Maguire. "We've been putting quite a lot of energy behind PS3 – now we'll be able to split some of those resources and go back to the PSP to make sure we've got some compelling games coming. As a criticism, yes, perhaps part of that is true. But we have a solution in place."

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Armyless4754d ago

Now start embracing the homebrew crew and you've got a C64 revolution on your hands.

DJ4754d ago

hired people from the homebrew community to create fully-licensed custom applications for the PSP. I can't imagine what those guys would be able to accomplish if they had possession of PSP dev kits..