CryEngine 3: Zero Compromise (Technical Breakdown) Video

Digital Foundry writes:

"One for the hardcore: we've put together zero compromise video encodes of the recent GDC CryEngine 3 trailer. While it may look like a 370MB WMV file (the same as Crytek's own, very well-handled media), in actual fact it's encoded to the maximum quality settings available using Microsoft's VC-1 encoder - as used for Blu-ray and the dearly departed HD DVD. Oodles of bandwidth combined with state-of-the-art HD compression - the best quality available."

HD Download:

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FantasyStar3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Hmm, the comments in the video are definitely warranted, but don't forget everyone that CE3 is not better than CE2. CE3 is meant to emulate CE2 as much as possible in a console environment. There are some obvious deficiencies due to console-like environment such as the edge-aliasing that's very prominent in the video and the unstable frames at first which I'd blame RAM for. However I believe these things can be hammered out with time.

The real picture is that consoles can display Crysis-like graphics very well and that's what matters. Still, I would've had loved to see CE3 vs CE2 to really measure up just how well consoles can measure up to PC tech. (well except the 360 since that IS PC tech dumbed down, not that it's a bad thing but it's redundant in this case of Consoles vs. PC comparisons).

OGharryjoysticks3460d ago

The 360 can look as good as a PS3 with a multiplatform engine