LEGO Batman Set To Capture LEGO Sized Criminals

Following the huge success of the Lego Star Wars series, Warner Bros. has decided to get into the game and has hired TT Games, the developers of the Lego Star Wars games, to develop "Lego Batman".

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Rasputin20115245d ago

I never played any of the Lego Star Wars game so I really dont know how I feel regarding a "Lego Batman"

Chagy5245d ago

lego games are fun

lego final fantasy anyone lol

jonnyjd15245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

I've played both the Star Wars games and had a blast with them. I'll be waiting to see the LEGO Batman game.

Following Chagy's example of other games for LEGO:
LLOTR - Lego Lord of the Rings: One Lego to rule them all. :)

...end of line...

G_CodeMonkey5244d ago

They play them all the time, and since it as nominal violence (the LEGO figures fall apart and then re-build), I have no qualms with letting them play. It actually goes through all six movies. Replay value is huge for kids. gCM