GTA: Chinatown Wars jacks bargain bin

Best Buy now selling slow-starting handheld free-range crime simulator for $20, Amazon for $28; GameStop, Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us still offering it at full price of $34.99; analyst says April sales "extremely important" for long-term prospects.

Two weeks ago, the game industry was rattled by the release of the March sales report from the NPD Group. Besides the fact that the US game industry suffered its first monthly double-digit decline since 2006, the big shock was Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars' anemic launch. Despite being the debut of a multiplatinum franchise on a handheld with a 100-million-unit worldwide installed base, the highly rated game sold under 90,000 units during its first two weeks on the American market.

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Anon19743460d ago

It looks like this would have totally been up my alley. It was lack of mature titles that made me trade in my DS for a PSP in the first place. I'd never go back now just because I also use my PSP to take movies and shows with me when I'm on the road, and it has more of the games I want to play.