Target moves Blu-ray to game shelf to help PS3 sales

Target Corp. stores have begun to cross-market Sony Corp.'s Playtstation 3 game titles and Blu-ray disc titles in an effort to promote the PS3 hardware.

Previous shelf space devoted to PS3 game titles now include a select number of Blu-ray disc titles to promote the game hardware as a Blu-ray disc player.

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iHEARTboobs3485d ago

I saw that the other day. I went to look into buying Mass Effect (haven't yet) and saw this. It's a good idea since it lets more people know that yes, you can play blu-ray movies on a PS3.

ceedubya93485d ago

Seems like an OK idea. If you're just putting like 5-6 big movies underneath the PS3 to say "hey, you can watch BRs on this thing too!" then I see no problem with that.

nefertis3485d ago

Somebody need to help promote the ps3 more on its feature.

kewlkat0073485d ago (Edited 3485d ago ) plays DVDs too ya know.

Edit: Looks over to DVD sales...seems to be doing great for something hehe

Nothing wrong with that. Every console need a little help these days.

Blu-Ray helps Sony's bottom line( sales sales sales) but skews the game adoption userbase.

irish-leprecaun3485d ago

fyi the ps2 and ps3 can play both cd's and dvd's but u dont see them in their section.

IdleLeeSiuLung3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

To me it seems like people already know the PS3 has blu-ray. It is the biggest selling point next to the ability to play games....

I guess if Target has extra shelf space, but it seems it is better to move the games to the blu-ray section if you are trying to promote the PS3. You would only do the former if you are trying to promote blu-ray movies....