Microsoft says it sold 20 million copies of Vista in first month

Microsoft Corp. said Monday it sold 20 million consumer copies of the new Windows Vista operating system worldwide in February, but analysts said the data shed little light on the program's popularity during its first month on the market.

By comparison, Windows XP, Vista's predecessor, sold 17 million copies in the two months following its 2001 launch, Microsoft said.

"It's a stronger than expected start," Bill Mannion, a director of product marketing for Windows, said in an interview.

But given that the personal computer market has nearly doubled since XP launched, Vista sales "probably should be more," said Michael Silver, vice president of research at Gartner, a technology research group.

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achira5236d ago

the question is how many ppl wanted it ? i bet many ppl even didnt want vista but were forced to buy it with a new pc, like me.

Black Republican5236d ago

and how many ppl even know about what windows vista is

these days mommas and pappas and grandparents go buy a pc and they know nothing about what they are buying.

DEIx15x85236d ago

With XP the internet was still small, now with Vista everyone is on the internet. Microsoft gave everyone on the internet the ability to be a legal beta tester. That basically means that all those people like me who couldn't wait to go out and buy it to see how it runs don't have that urge. We all already have used it and won't buy a copy for a few more months since the beta versions are still good and are the exact same thing shipping.

shikwan5236d ago

You can always buy a MAC, install another OS (like Linux) or (since you most likely own an older PC) install your previous OS on your new PC.

But you'd be missing an absolutely (graphically) beautiful OS that runs hella smooth with the quickest shutdowns and reboots, I've ever seen! And crashes, though even more rare than XP, are 'contained'; meaning that it won't effect the OS or other programs, requiring a reboot. It also immediatly searches a database online for solutions & fixes. I've had Vista Ultimate from day 1 and I'm still exploring (being a techno-geek) the control panel features alone!

Like it or not-MS has raised the bar on this one.

kewlkat0075236d ago

"the question is how many ppl wanted it ? "

If you didn't want Vista you should of gotten an APPLE MAC.

The fact that your buying a PC enables you to scrap vista and put linux on it.

MS sucks with a lot of things and they will never be like an Open-source type company because there are in the business of making money.

Greed destroys creativity and out of the box thinking over time...

There are some alternatives..

I use Firefox, and so many other little bits of software with windows. It's easy to whine about MS not making things like you want it but there are alternatives to everything.(well users probably have no choice at work, I'm sure)

Neutral Gamer5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

... Vista does look pretty snazzy and have some cool animations when you have the Aero Glass interface enabled and it's been hard to go back to the plain looking Windows XP ever since I installed the beta.

But you can get some pretty impressive 3D effects in Linux as well when using AIGLX for example. Once Apple have finally released Leopard and revealed the "secret features" then I'll be able to decide which operating system to upgrade to.

Although I hope Apple upgrade the look of their windows, it looked great when it came out, but I personally think Vista's glass windows look cooler now.

i rule5236d ago

vista rules. it is the best os i have ever had, and im able to game in two places now

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The story is too old to be commented.