Fight Night Predicts Pacquiao Victory On May 2nd

IncGamers report that Electronic Arts used Fight Night Round 4's AI to emulate the forthcoming real-life boxing match, and the outcome, if FNR4 is to be believed, is that Pacquiao will knockout Hatton in the 11th round.

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Leord3460d ago

Lol, interesting initiative. Would be very cool if they were close to being right!

syrinx3460d ago

Yeh but what are the chances of that?

Fyzzu3460d ago

I doubt it's going to play out like EA think it does but it's a pretty cool test anyway.

itchy183460d ago

GO PACQUIAO! lol i'm a filipino!

360 man3460d ago

NOOO !!!

hatton in gonna MURK that pacquiao guy

just like hayes is gonna K.O that klitchco character

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