"What Makes Us Epic?" Keynote Summary and Q&A

The Power Review: Dr. Michael Capps, President of Epic Games was the first keynote speaker at the inaugural Triangle Game Convention is downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

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GWAVE3457d ago

"What makes us EPIC?"

Re-using the same engine over and over again.

Re-using the same gameplay concepts over and over again.

Releasing BS screenshots to the media and watching them drool.

Yep, that's EPIC for ya.

Elven63457d ago

It's their engine, what would you expect them to use? Gameplay concepts? Their is only so much you can change from a working formula, hell the chainsaw and cover system in Gears does enough to set it apart from other Epic games.

Mikerra173457d ago

online for gears 2 was an EPIC FAIL, does that count?

PSP23457d ago

unreal engine 3 and big muscular protagonists is what makes epic.

kaveti66163456d ago

About fighting the Brumak on foot. I've never even played Gears of War and I knew about the PC version. Anyways, I kind of like and hate Epic Games at the same time because they made a decent engine, but they became very spoiled off of it and I feel like that's made them a bit arrogant. I'd rather they made a custom engine for either the 360 or the PS3 to take full advantage of the power, but I guess they're content making a killing off the UE3.