Portugal sold 90% of their PS3s

Pedro of Almeida, Country Manager of the Sony Entertainment Portugal, revealed to GameOver that in four days they have sold 90% of their PS3s.

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THAMMER14754d ago

I can not read that $#!T!!! Fix it.....Na never mind who really cares?

brianodom4754d ago

you do you were trying to read the


THAMMER14754d ago

Ah never mind no one cares.

AuburnTiger4754d ago

Terrific comeback Thammer

SmokeyMcBear4754d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

watch out, he'll bust a cap in yo a$$... mmmm cyber thugs


ahahaha... sounds like you're giving me your stats for a date (haha shoe size, for all that info, might be a little light in the britches), sorry but you're barking up the wrong tree. Nice little areenal you got there, shouldn't you be robbing a bank or committing some crimes or something. I grew up with gang bangers, 18th street, definatly not one myself, but I have friends who are, and believe me, they are the last people who would be commenting on internet sites. That pistol grip shotty sounds like fun though, only been skeet shooting with a double barrel 12, so only 2 shots, but 12 could do some damage. For all the huffing and puffing, the fact its done on an internet site, loses all credibility. Go give your stats to someone who cares.. internet thug

ive heard of mac 10's not mac 11, but a tek 9 its cool to shoot, not auto, semi auto, but fun nonetheless

THAMMER14754d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

If you have a 360 we can bang it out on live:

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Halo 2

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LOL Internet THUG my @ss. Lets get it!!!!! I only get this buck over family but ….

I'm not trying to threaten you Somkey. I'm J/K maybe.

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Its funny how it sells completly differenty in all the different european countries, i wonder whats the differentiator?

Premonition4754d ago

If it cost way more of there and its selling pretty good, Americans better stop complaining. Then again must be the mcdonald workers lol. I kid I kid :)

Ico4754d ago

Yes! I'm portuguese and I bought one.

Really don't try to read portuguese if your not one... Portuguese is one of the most dificult language to understand...

No numbers were revealled...

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The story is too old to be commented.