PS3 on sale for under £400

Just days after the European launch of PlayStation 3, UK retailer has slashed the price of the console to under GBP 400 - more than GBP 25 below the recommended retail price.

The 60GB PS3 launched in Europe last Friday with an official RRP of GBP 425 / EUR 599. However, it's now available on Aria's website for GBP 340.38 excluding VAT, or GBP 399.95 inclusive

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techie4751d ago

UH.... "Price:

£481.69 inc. VAT
£409.95 exc. VAT "

It's more expensive lol.

I can get for £380 at Virgin with a student or membership card...

techie4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Nice one. i like it :P Though still better deal at virgin for me.

ps. there are no arguments for this "ps3 is not selling in the uk" as it sold 165, all this shows is a retailer wanting to get in on the deal and is good news for anyone who wants to buy a ps3.

Should be no negative faces here.

fender: Well they will be wrong.

Let's play out the comments.

Negative:"ah they are reducing the prices already because they can't sell them"

response "the ps3 just broke records with the most sold consoles at launch. Do you still think they are not selling?"

negative "Yuh"

response "And why is that?"

negative "Cause cause...they reduced the price so they aren't selling..."

response "Ok...continue dreaming"

gta_cb4751d ago

yes and they cant sell the PS3 ... lol only joking :p

but i do own a 360, i hope the PS3 doesnt sell that well to start off with, then maybe there will be a price drop then i can buy one myself :P

btw deepbrown, im a college student (in the UK) where can i use my card to buy a PS3 for less? ... didnt actually know i could do that...

techie4751d ago

Same here...i want a price drop.