Sony's Image - Do They Need to Lighten Up?

Things do seem to be picking up for the PS3 so in no time at all the public may be hailing their PR guys as genius but it is interesting to look at how each of the top three consoles have marketed themselves.

Most people agree that Nintendo has potentially done the other two consoles a favor by dragging new clients into the market. It is almost certain that some of those who have discovered or rediscovered gaming through the Nintendo will eventually look further afield for a deeper gaming experience.

Surely each of the other two consoles would like a piece of that action? But does Sony advertising take gaming and itself too seriously for this market?

This article looks briefly at some of the adverts and comments on the image each console seems to be creating.

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GWAVE3457d ago

Eh, I kinda respect Sony's public image. They're professional. It's a breath of fresh air compared to Nintendo ("flail your arms! Everyone loves the Wii!") and Microsoft ("our competition sucks more than us by 18%, according to our attach rate).

HaloHead3457d ago

But i am not sure if integrity is going to grab those extra sales though. And yes it is all about sales. It really is.

GWAVE3457d ago

@ HaloHead

You're right. It's ALL about sales. Forget being a gamer. It's ALL about teh sales. That's why the Wii is the best console and Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and Wii Fit are the best games of this generation.

/rolls eyes

Are you seriously brainwashed or something?

HaloHead3457d ago

I am not saying that we as gamers regard it as such.

My point is that that is how these big business' look at it. Do you honestly think that if you asked Sony they would say they are happy to sell less than their competition.

/rolls eyes

Are you seriously deluded or something?

michellejbuss3457d ago

They would be best selling console if they could, obviously.

Maybe a a bit more of a sense of fun would be good for Sony, it would not want to completely lose its serious gamer image though, that is working for them.

JOLLY13457d ago

Sorry gwave, but the problem with thinking you are #1, when you are in fact #3, is that your ego gets in your way. Nintendo shows you can act silly and Microsoft, doesn't really have exactly the Nintendo philosophy, but they want you to, with your friends over Live. Then there is sony, they don't really ever show their fun side. Phil left to go to Atari. He was the fun guy for sony and now he is gone.

Killjoy30003457d ago

I think Sony has the right to lash out at all of the naysayers. The competition are the ones who are outspoken this generation.

v1c1ous3457d ago

what company has the right to lash out at anyone?

Mike Wallace3457d ago

...I loved the enthusiasm of Kuturagi when he was in the lime light. As I did Phil Harriton before he left Sony. I quite honestly liked Peter Moore when he was cheerleading for microsoft.

I liked believing in these console pioneers. When they leave, they I feel that they definitely take a little of the company's image with them.

morganfell3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

GWAVE you are dead on the money. Bubbles for that remark. Sony isn't out attacking the competition. On what do they need to lighten up? Their 20 first party studios kicking out great games? This moron author needs to take a step back and look at who has been using negative marketing and out them in the title of his lighten up piece.

Just look at what site published this article. This site should never have gotten past the filter and I encourage everyone to report it to the mods so some fly by night blog is scrubbed by the filter system.

HaloHead3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )


I am actually barracking for Sony. I am just questioning whether showing their fun side in their advertising might result in them getting a little more of the pie.

As for PR disasters etc that is a whole different article. Not the focus of this one.

morganfell3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Regardless of what you say or think you said that is not the impression or impact of your article...not at all. Your first remark is this ridiculous question mark journalism that has become far too prominent as of late. The connotation is naturally a negative one in the title alone implying Sony already has an issue.

And just as you cannot judge the impact of your article neither are you able to comprehend disgust mixed with overtones of ridicule which is a far cry form being upset.

Ghoul3457d ago

halohead, your article and comments are both a waste of time.
morgnfall said it right. But what can you expect from a user named halohead when he posts "news" about sony.

HaloHead3457d ago

One of its functions is to question. If it didn't we would be living in an Orwellian society. I think question mark journalism should be encouraged.

The impact of my article on you is specific to you. Having never meet you I could not be expected to judge that and I am not sure why it would be relevant to me anyway.

As with any piece of writing there are lots of connotations of this article, I would argue that another thing you could take from it is that PS3 has the power to be the best selling console of this generation if it plays its cards right. Hardly anti Sony.

And I think it is fair to say that one of the connotations of disgust could be upset.

People have become so sensitive on this issue that they start spitting chips at any perceived slight.

It is a joke that I have to be careful what I choose to write about because over sensitive souls like yourself get all distressed or disgusted or however you want to describe your complete overreaction.

edgeofblade3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

No one gives credit to a stopped clock that's right twice a day. But that's a bad analogy in this case, because there are people who actually believe that time should adjust itself to match the stopped clock.

"We as Sony fans have to manipulate our perception of reality to match what they say. Therefore, Killzone 2 matched the E3'05 trailer."

By the way, that's how religion and cults work. If {infallible entity} says something "is", followers have a vested interest in making those edicts a reality, even if only in their heads.

Of course, that's just the long way around calling out a cognitive bias. You believe what you want to believe, regardless of truth.

Ghoul3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

"Journalism should ask questions
One of its functions is to question. If it didn't we would be living in an Orwellian society. I think question mark journalism should be encouraged."

Journalists yes, in your case ? No your so called "questionmark journalism" is awefull and doesnt even deserver the name journalism. "
in fact it needs to stop right now. Its not only in gaming media a problem but in general.
Yes you have to ask questions as a journalist but NOT out in the public, a journilists job is to examin and research topics asking questions on his way to te story.

All YOU did was pulling somthing out of your ... trying to gain some hits and attention.

This is NOT journalism, this is pure assumption without any journalistic background. pure opinion my friend.

morganfell3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

As Ghoul so eloquently stated, you have a comprehension problem. Anyone can raise a question. Anyone at all. But without perceptiveness such questions are less insight and more incite. That is the path down which you tread...or prance in this case.

Thinking that disgust upsets me implies you know me and my temper. That is assumptive and obviously the first funny think you have said albeit unintentionally.

In this day and age to believe that journalists protect us from Big Brother only serves to show your naivete. Such persons and outlets are by and large either publicity seeking sensationalists or the very tools of the Big Brother from whom they claim to shield us.

In this case you are some of the former and unwittingly a great deal of the latter.

ultimolu3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Halohead, with a name like that...I'm curious as to how you think anyone would take you seriously.

We're gamers, not salespeople. Yes, we want to see competition but in the game it comes down to the games.

Oh, and your article is a joke and is baiting a flamwar.

Killjoy30003457d ago

Well, if you haven't noticed, Sony has been taking sh!t from Microsoft this entire generation.

ButterToast3457d ago

wow fanboys are a bit touchy today. lighten up people.

@halohead: I'm not sure when those ads aired but they don't look like the recent ads by sony which have a much lighter feel than their older ones. it would be a more interesting article if you looked at their newer ads insted of their old ones when at the time no casual player would spend $600 for a consol.

If those are new ads (which I'm pretty sure they are not) then by all means ignore this coment.

soxfan20053457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

To get back on topic, those 11, 12, and 13 year olds who loved Wii in 2006 and 2007 will be 14, 15, and 16 years old this year. Many will be looking to "upgrade" from Wii. MS and Sony would be very wise to try to court the parents of those kids. Whichever console can position itself as a more traditional, somewhat hardcore upgrade, without completely abandoning the casual fun that Wii owners have come to expect, will have a very good sales year, especially this Christmas.

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borgome3457d ago

Sony Psturd is for computer nerds who want their gaming console to be a computer, you know, play movies and stuff.

Hallucinate3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

yep play movies, browse the internet, listen to music view photos..oh and ofcourse best of all play games
also i find it funny that your calling us nerds in an attempt to insult us...but the reality of it is..with out us nerds you would be xbox, no internet, no computers..hell no light bulbs

MGOelite3457d ago

you dumbass retard the 360 archertech is so much much closer to a PC than the PS3 is

cryymoar3457d ago

and the PS3 architecture is much closer to a super computer.
+1 for PS3.

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UltimateGamer253457d ago

Same Can Be said about the Microsoft loser boys.

Skynetone3457d ago

the wii ads are easy to watch and gets the point across

the 360 ads are just plain s++t

Unicron3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I think we can all agree, that the old PS2 Ratchet & Clank commercials were the height of game advertising, and well before their time!

I think we can also agree, that it's insulting when a Gamestop commercial says "power to the players." Yeah, so much power, that $10 trade in cred gets flipped and resold for $55 profit by then, sweet!

xionpunk3457d ago

Is it just me or is that one with the shrink ray disturbing as hell?

morganfell3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

The commercials were great. But recently I was watching some old trailers and that Second God of War trailer struck me again how well it was put together.

It just grabs you like the best movie trailer.

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