Darwinia devs : Microsoft were "****ing us off"

Ryan King from OXM writes:

"Introversion, developers behind upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game Darwinia+, has admitted that Microsoft were "****ing us off".

Introversion was ready to push ahead with its Xbox Live Arcade versions of Darwinia and Multiwinia when Microsoft told them to polish the game, from the menus right down to squad control. This caused friction between the two companies.

"The first major problem was Microsoft," says Chris on Introversion's boards."

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Pennywise3459d ago

OMG MS wanted them to polish? Cry baby devs.

IdleLeeSiuLung3459d ago

Quality control is good, but apparently the changes would have taken months for a small team.

poopface13459d ago

Im not interested in their game but, Im glad that microsoft wanted them to polish it. Of course they wanted a different menu and stuff for a console thatn a PC. Seems like the devs wanted to release a pc game on a console. There are some things that need to be dome differently.

Mikerra173459d ago

considering that M$ was kind enough to let them put there game on the system and put their name in the air for everyone to see, I think that Microsoft has a right to tell them what to do.

go cry devs

Christopher3459d ago

Sorry, but it's a two way street. Microsoft needs the devs just as much as they need Microsoft. Having said that, Microsoft may have been right in their review, but it makes me wonder how far they can take it so as to prevent people from publishing certain games behind other developers that they are more familiar with and develop similar games.

Elven63459d ago

Dude go back to the open zone, you didn't even read the article, you just blindly polarized towards your console.

And they wanted them to make it a quality release to get good reviews, sell more, etc etc how is that a bad thing?

Fanboys are stupid

PSP23459d ago

yet another developer speaks ill of microsoft i think working for microsoft is the same as working for mcdonalds

Deadman643459d ago

Because they wanted a higher quality product? Right.

misterssippi3459d ago

read the article......and i quote....
"I want to be clear that in hindsight, we believe Microsoft were absolutely correct in the calls they made, and we were wrong"

NegativeCreepWA3459d ago

Go do a search on best companies to work for and MS will be close to the top, if not on the top. Also do some research on the benefits and perks MS employees get. The MS campus is crazy it has its own gym and shopping center for employees and much more.