EA Sports To "Abandon Physical Media" In PC Space

EA Sports president Peter Moore has told VG247 that the firm is moving away from PC SKU discs entirely.

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tudors5077d ago

piracy is keeping prices high, hopefully this will lower prices.

redbadger5077d ago

dd is starting. this is definitly going to effect blueray in the future.

The gaming GOD5077d ago

People don't realize that Digital Downloads have been around since around the time the DVD first arrived on the scene. So you can't really call .06% market share after 10+ years starting

kwyjibo5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

DD is well and truly established within the PC space.

Games like L4D will have sold more direct than at retail. Do you really think retail stands a chance in areas of high piracy such as China and Eastern Europe?

Insomnia_845077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

CDs still exist, what makes you think DVDs or BDs are going any time soon? in the future yeah, but a very very distant future.

bomboclaat_gamer5077d ago

what about people without internet, or with slow connections

Golfcoachh5077d ago

since it would take most people ten hours to download a 8 gigabyte game i say good luck ea

mistajeff5077d ago

They get shafted, clearly. Or maybe people without internet aren't EA's "target audience" so they don't care.

Clearly you're not an American if you don't have over-priced "high-speed" internet that literally operates dozens of times slower than cheaper internet in Asia.

Kushan5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

They get shafted by SecurROM anyway. Nothing changes for them, here.
Download speed isn't really much of an issue, look at what Steam does - you can "preload" the game weeks before it gets released so on release day, you only need to download a few kilobytes to unlock it.

kwyjibo5077d ago

EA have dropped SecuROM, thank god. Paying for SecuROM is like paying to eat sh-t.

Kushan5077d ago

No they haven't, they only eased up on it a little bit by releasing the tool to "deactivate" machines when you uninstall the game (which should be part of the uninstaller, really). They still use it in their games and it still requires an internet connection.

kwyjibo5077d ago

I was misinformed, I thought they'd dropped SecuROM from their retail releases as well, but it's only their Steam releases which are devoid of that cancer.

I have no idea why they still bother with SecuROM, it just doesn't work. Still, at least they're not Capcom, which have an exclusive agreement so that SecuROM must be used in all their PC releases. Idiots.

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TheBrit5077d ago

Wonder if you get to go to the store and buy the empty case that has the instruction manual in it along with the code to download the game.

Personally I like to actually have a book in my hand telling me the controls etc opposed to reading them from the screen.

Insomnia_845077d ago

"EA Sports president Peter Moore has told VG247 that the firm is moving away from PC SKU discs entirely."

Peter Moore? the same guy that worked for M$? ohh I see.
It looks like he's working part time with M$ lol

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