Forza 3 Unofficially Announced?

One of Brazil's largest Xbox 360 communities, PortalXBOX, has unofficially unveiled Forza Motorsport 3. It seems at an Xbox 360 press event for games of 2009 shows a partially covered Forza Motorsport 3 logo. Also a member of found a fully uncovered picture of the logo that is included in the article picture.

To see the Logo in the video skip to 6:58.

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pwnsause3485d ago

well there you have it. i think he also confirmed the feature about using 3 LCD screens like Forza 2 as well. thats one announcement thats probably confirmed for E3.

boodybandit3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I didn't read the description. I was too excited when I saw was Forza 3 unofficially announced so I just went right to the video to see a logo only?! Oh well E3 isn't "that" far off. /sarcasm

Despite the lines being drawn in the sand (aka the feud between... well you know) with Forza and the GT series. In my home they have no problems coexisting. Actually they have learned to share me without showing any signs of jealousy towards one another. ;)

I just wish MS would allow people that own the Logitech G25 wheel have the ability to use it on the 360.

Aquanox3485d ago

Definitely Forza Motorsport 3! For 2009? Wow!

Excellent... This E3 is going to be killer.

Leathersoup3485d ago

I've gotta agree with that. It seems that everyone has some surprises up their sleeves this time around.

JOLLY13485d ago

Pwn, there were a lot of times where we would use 4. The insane thing is I used 6 once, that was nuts!

u got owned3485d ago

Good News. It seems that MS might have some exclusives this year after all. I've put a lot of hours into Forza 2 it is an outstanding game. Can't wait to see what turn 10 have for us.

sonarus3485d ago

Forza was an expected announcement. I wonder how they have improved since the first one. I wish some info about the title was revealed

La Chance3485d ago

Some fanboys are going to look stupid....AGAIN!!!!!

Aquanox3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

This is the way of MS... more specifically, the Xbox Division. They know how and when to strike and the beginning of the year was well handled by early launches of Halo Wars and Star Ocean.

They Clearly have an excellent lineup for what is probably the decisive year in this console war and Forza 3 will play an important role on it. Things are slowly building up but so far we can speculate the following:

Alan Wake (Hinted several times for this year)
Splinter Cell V (Hinted in Ubisoft report for 2009)
Forza Motorsport 3 (Hinted in this article)
Halo 3 ODST (Confirmed)
RARE Game (There's definitely a game, just need to know which)

There are probably more titles to be unveiled, who knows, but if all of the above listed deliver, they could make this as killer as the 2007 lineup.

u got owned3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

@ Aquanox

MS will be in excellent shape if they show those games you've mentioned above. This years E3 is going to be very interesting.

sonarus3485d ago

Lol don't go putting your hopes in Microsoft for major E3 announcements just like you put your hopes in them for major GDC announcements

Arnon3485d ago

GDC is not for announcing games. I don't know how you're trying to make it sound, but damn.

CaseyRyback_CPO3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

along with Alan Wake, Huxley, Warhounds, Splinter Cell, and one other that I'm forgetting, but they've been expected each year... This reminds me of the whole gears2 thing, everyone knew it was already coming. Then you pretend the official announcement is new unexpected news that adds to the speculative lineup When it just underlines? I know for a fact forza3 has been the "ooo its gunna be at e3 this year!" since forza2.

How are you going to keep applying the same games to each year and pretend they are new developments?

The 360's 2008-2009 year of gaming has been garbage, its like you have to wait until the end of the year to play the "megaton" hits. Just like last year. Are you guys happy that the only time you get good games is when the year is almost up? Think about it, you've been looking forward to the same games since the 360's last really good year of gaming, which was 2007.


As far as forza goes, hell yeah im excited. But I was excited since 2 about 3. I just hope they go to an online model for the cars/tracks that cant fit on the disc. That would be preferred to multiple discs imo.

La Chance3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

BTW I saw your PM...too lazy to respond right now.Later if Im in da mood.

Beast_Master3485d ago

Still not enough to blow me over. especially if GT5 is confirmed for 2009. MS has already hinted that they are going to have something big but I doubt it will be a game. It will probably be inclusion of a music store, or a MS channel that you can watch exclusively on your 360.

Arnon3485d ago

Gran Turismo 5 has no release date nor has it been confirmed for 2009. They said Fiscal 2009. Which makes me believe early 2010.

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Why dis3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Its a very good sign to see leaks and info from big games before E3 from MSFT

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green3485d ago

This is fantastic news.Rolling E3,it's going to be one hell of a show.

locos853485d ago

I thought they announced this a long time ago. And it will be on multiple discs.....

u got owned3485d ago

@ locos85

"And it will be on multiple discs....."

and your point would be... ?????

locos853485d ago

There is no point. My point is that I thought this was announced long time ago.

outlawlife3485d ago

that is no where close to an announcement, that is nothing more than a rumor...something that somebody told someone

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Omega43485d ago

Well you cant get more obvious than that

I bet MS is going to make a much bigger deal about Forza this time round considering GT5 is coming up

jcgamer3485d ago

and Microsoft will totally embarrass themselves in the process...

Gran Turismo vs Forza
Coke vs Pepsi
50 gigabytes vs 7.95 gigabytes

I think you get the point...


iDystopia3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

lol @ the Sony fanboy with the Uncharted avatar.

Come back to reality bro.

Forza 2: 91%

Gran Turismo 4: 89%(and Forza 2 has manyyyy more features than to receive only a point better...GT5 is coming after though and will have to now meet Forza 2's amount of content- much less Forza 3)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: I won't even embarass you any more than I have by showing this turd's atrocious reviews.

Let me guess... in your blurry Sony Fantasy Land: PS3 is the console with 250 more games to choose from(instead of 360), multiplatform games run best on PS3 in 99% of games(LOL) and PSN is better than Xbox Live...and that's where all the best players and best online games are, right??

lol Enjoy Uncharted and Infamous.

no-spin3485d ago

Good thing MS followers have the metacritic and sales numbers to discuss about. When talking about the number of competitors in a race 8 vs 16, 30FPS vs 60 FPS, 720p vs 1080p, polygons per car, (Free online anyone?)etc nothing of this matters Because Metacritic scores a favor Forza 2. Hey whatever makes u happy, i will keep rocking GT 4 and GT5P with the logitech wheel with 900 degrees of rotation until GT5 arrives. Forza 3 with its multiple disk will be interesting, it reminds of GT 2 for the PS ONE LMAO

"Jump In"

iDystopia3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Forza is better. :)

Forza 3 incoming. :p

Arnon3485d ago

"until GT5 arrives."

So like never.. rofl I had to.

soxfan20053485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"Good thing MS followers have the metacritic and sales numbers to discuss about."

So, critical and commercial success are somehow irrelevant? If Forza 2 (or 1 for that matter) had been a commercial and critical flop, there would mosty likely be no Forza 3 to talk about. Just like if Gran Turismo 1 was a commercial and critical flop, there would not have been any sequels.

As for swapping discs, if it takes 20 seconds to swap a disc, and you play the game a few times a day, how much time does that really take out of your day?

I hope MS comes up with some kind of way to install both discs to the hard drive, so the 360 can access all data at once - quietly, I might add. Or even install one disc, and have the other disc in the drive - again, all data can be accessed without swapping.

no-spin3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

MS followers are always talking about sales and metacritic. Good news for 360, but rarely i read something like "This 360 game has better lighting, graphics , animations, more cars in race, or any technical achievement. Is all about sales and nothing about games. The 360 has millions of console more on the market than the PS3 and selling great. What the hell do you expect to happen when they release a major advertised game? sales millions, period.

I have said this many times: True gamers look for the hidden gems (e.a. Shadow of the Colossus) and the rest just follow the propaganda and sales numbers.

soxfan20053485d ago

I'm glad enough true gamers looked past the hype, propaganda, and huge past sales of the GT series and took a chance on a little known gem called "Forza". My gaming life would be considerably less exciting had that not happened. Real gamers look at the accuracy of the racing engine first and foremost, while other care more about graphics.

no-spin3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

your gaming life? LMAO

I also said this before:

Forza 1 made GT look like an arcade, GT5 makes Forza 2 look last gen.

Driving engine for Forza is based on numbers given by the manufacturer, which means turn 10 did no get within a 100 meters of the cars and have zero idea on how they drive, feel, sound etc. The physics are hardcore, but the data input is error prone, and like any math equation, if the data input is wrong the result will be wrong by definition.
Now Forza is a hidden gem? what happened to the critical and commercial success? can you make up your mind please. I was a fan of the original Forza, but F2 does not deliver next gen experience, though is a 1.5

And before bashing the GT series, remember that polyphony were the first to introduce such a level of parts customization in a Racing Sim with GT in the PS ONE. GT earned the respect and its followers have come costumed to enjoy a massive successful gem, not because of the hype, propaganda or whatever, but because Polyphony delivers where others just try to follow and imitate. Educate your "gaming life" a little better or u will miss out on a lot of great games

soxfan20053485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Like many people here, I have a "real" life and a "gaming" life, but unlike many, I can keep them seperate from one another. I don't think about games when I'm at work or with my family. I was not bashing the GT series - I was bashing those who favor graphics over gameplay. If it wasn't for GT, many of my favorite racing games may not exist today. As for Forza, it is the only racing series to successfully compete with, and in some ways surpass, GT - and I give it the credit it deserves. Forza 1 was a hidden gem when it was released. Fortunately, enough people bought it, and enough critics praised it, so it became the success it is today. That is my opinion, and it is shared by millions of others.

no-spin3485d ago

still is funny. i consider gaming a hobby, u calling it a life apart from your other life is funny.

Hidden gem is a game that is release and sells average over the years, but the game deserves better. Examples: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Heavenly Sword, Okami.

Forza was successful, hence it loses the hidden gem status. Getting recognition for a new IP was a great feat. Hopefully F3 will deliver where F2 fell short (way short).

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