Latest Tekken 6 PSP screenshots looking smart

While these screenshots for Tekken 6 on the PSP (understandably) don't look as ridiculously good as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, they're still looking pretty smart, considering the comparative hardware being used.

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GWAVE3511d ago

Wow. Looks good (looks slightly better than T5:DR on the PSP, which looks very nice). This, plus Soul Calibur PSP....can't wait.

Sparv-en3511d ago

This is going to be a great year for the PSP.

clinker3511d ago

What?? I think these screenshots look terrible! Sony needs to find a way to implement Anti-aliasing in the PSP, it would make a world of difference.

raztad3511d ago


It's pretty clear you dont own a psp, otherwise you'd know that in motion game looks awesome.

pain777pas3511d ago

Raztad some just don't understand. Guaranteed greatness even if its just as good as DR.

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theEnemy3511d ago

they have removed the load times.

Just like Tekken 5 in the PS3 that feels like an arcade version.

pain777pas3511d ago

The newer PSPs have 64MB ram and the loading has improved slightly just like Alpha3 where on the original PSP there was a slight delay between rounds now its practically instant.

- Ghost of Sparta -3511d ago

Looks exactly like the 360 port.

specialguest3511d ago

The graphics are really impressive for the PSP. Keep in mind that the jaggies are not really noticible on an actual PSP screen. Ahh! wish I still had my PSP. My car got broken into and the PSP stolen.

dylantalon3511d ago

actually the psp version of tekken 6 looks better than the xbox 360 version which is posted on

ps. the talon stands for talented

Spolodaface3511d ago

wow, you're going to make a lot of friends

raztad3511d ago


If you keep making such comments you'll need another account :D Only two bubles left man.

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