Hey Sony, No Lying In South Africa

Kotaku reports:

No one will argue that the PLAYSTATION 3 is powerful. But more get up and go than a computer? A PS3 ad that appeared in South Africa stated:

"The PS3 is built on the revolutionary cell-processor, which is 8 times more powerful than most computers... [and] RSX Graphics Technology - twice as powerful as the most advanced computer graphics engine available today."

Four South Africans actually disputed these remarks on the grounds that the advertising was misleading and that there was no proof to support these claims. What's more, the country's Advertising Standards Authority actually upheld these complaints and had the ads withdrawn.

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THAMMER14754d ago

They let another one slip. Sony needs to go check there boxers for streaks. They need to stop. It is obvious that the public is over this HYPE $#!t.

InMyOpinion4754d ago

The Ps3 can't compare to a PC period. I'd like to see someone actually utilizing a Ps3 for the same purposes as with a PC. Watching movies, burning discs, using various programs and apps etc. I mean c'mon, the discussion is retarded.

Who cares how good it is at calculating numbers if they can't utilize it somehow?

SuperSaiyan44754d ago

I cant understand for the life of me how an obsolete 7800GTX can compare to say the latest 8 series 8800GTX by Nvidia see thats the case with the PS3 vs the 360's gpu the 360 is just below the 8 series! But the PS3 is way behind

OldSchoolGamer4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Wow they (Sony) must think there are some dopes in South Africa. To those who didn't read the article do so, and see what we are actually commenting on. lol, I don't know how anyone could try and spin those statements.

Ps30074754d ago

Funny how cross platform games seem to be looking better on the Ps3. Its also funny you leave out the cell can help with GPU tasks (Vector)...

If its so weak i would expect cross platform games to look a whole lot better on the 360... Which they have not...

Without Gears 360 would be garbage.

power of Green 4754d ago

Does this mean PS3's garbage right NOW!. What kind of dope have you been smoking saying PS3 looks better than 360 you wouldn'y happen to be saying this because of those BS pics DB posted the other day?,Yah! Im sure the 360 is so dark you cant see anything yet when i play these games on my 360all those dark pics are BS lol.

BubblesDAVERAGE4754d ago

Why do u guys act like the chip is so weak its above decent its not as bad as u guys make it look along with the cell....I guess time will show all...

calderra4754d ago

Cell is 8x more powerful than most computers?
If you're talking about new computers, anyway, a 2ghz dual-core can be gotten in a good system for the same price as a PS3.

8x that speed? ....maybe not.

Raist4754d ago

Folding @ home proves that the Cell really is 8 times (more like 10-20 actually) faster than current PC processors.

VirtualGamer4754d ago

I guess it would depend on what the 8 times more powerful is refering to. If its everything a computer can do then no but there are areas where the PS3 has proven to be that powerful compared to average PC's all one has to do is look at the [email protected] project to see this is true for that particular program.

Also Kia Staats who is the Co Founder and CEO of Terra Soft Solutions stated in a interview at GDC 07 that when they optimize programs to take advantage of the cell processor they are seeing huge performance gains. As an example of this he refers to a program called Mesa 3D which is a graphics library they just optimized for the PS3 and he claims it now works 80 times faster then on the Intel Woodcrest. ( )

Interview here

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The story is too old to be commented.