Magna Carta 2 - Hi-res Screenshots

Gamersyde writes, "Namco-Bandai announced the release of Magna Carta 2 this Autumn on the Xbox 360 and released this handful of images."

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paracardium3512d ago

This a 360 exclusive or just another game to beta test for the ps3 down the road?I think it will be a beta test and I thank you in advance.

DelbertGrady3512d ago

"I wish it was coming to the PS3."

GUNS N SWORDS3511d ago

"Unreal Engine 3 at its finest.

no mass effect2 will be Unreal Engine 3's finest

magna carta 2 is still in it's beta stage, and it's obvious you were focusing on that one, and not this one

iDystopia3511d ago

Beta Test for PS3??

I'm guessing you like sloppy second-hand, crappy ports? And getting completely over-looked in general.

- Ghost of Sparta -3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Look at the bright side though, since there are no textures, you won't have to put up with having to wait for them to pop up.

@ iDystopia: Ah you mean like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which features 1080p visuals and online co-op on PS3? New bosses? New enemies? New weapons? New characters? New camera angles? New playable characters? Improved textures? New engine?

You mean like Tales of Vesperia, which features full voices, longer dialogue, new character, new sub-plots, new costumes?

So much for sloppy seconds.

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