8bitjoystick: MAG - Hands On Preview

8bitjoystick says: "Oh boy I can finally tell you all about MAG by Zipper Interactive. Last week I attended the PlayStation Gamer's Day Press Event over in Seattle. I also took a tour of Zipper out in Redmond, talked to some games designers and developers as well as had a hands on match with over two hundred players in one massive battle!"

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WildArmed3511d ago

This title looks good so far.
But Imma wait and actually play it b4 jumping the gun and calling it GOTY or something along the lines.

stevenhiggster3511d ago

It does look awesome, I just read that whole thing and it sounds like an amazing game. Looking forward to this one.

Hallucinate3511d ago

"When you fist start to play MAG you create your account. There are no fees to play the game beside the cost of the actual game on the disc. There is no MMORPG tax."

thor3511d ago


You mean it DOESN'T run through PSN?

Remember the last time this happened (MGO)?

Epic fail.

mattnz3511d ago

I think he means you set up your player, from what I've read you assign yourself to one of the 'factions' as part of the meta game. Can't imagine that a first party Sony game wouldn't use PSN.

PotNoodle3511d ago

Course it'll use PSN, why would sony avoid their own service? :|

red2tango3511d ago

no monthly fee :) i'm buying it

marcindpol3511d ago

WTF for what would the want monthly fee?

thanks god it is not there:)

PatDH3511d ago

Im so pumped for this game lol. Hope it really is as kick-ass as it all sounds.

I seriously cannot wait for it to come out haha, but i'm going to have to! >.<

mastiffchild3511d ago

With so many previews being way more impressed with this than I thought probable at this stage in the games development it really does look like they might pull this off.

I mist have read four or five now and all bar one(and even that was more "I'll have to wait and see more" than "I've seen enough!")have been glowing for a game so far from release.

It's a big and difficult game to get anywhere near right(just look at what happened to Zippers former IP under/6)but with Zipper at the helm and Sony supporting them I really hope we get a FPS slightly different from the norm. If people are enticed well enough into teamwork it could be very good indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.