1UP: Madden NFL 10 Preview

"What you see on Sunday, you see in the game," Madden NFL 10's producer, Phil Frazier, told 1UP when they got their first glimpse of the game. That mantra doesn't wait until you're in-game either, as everything. from the loading screens (which show a series of down markers counting down from 4th to 1st), to the title screen (which shows first-row fans holding signs that say "Press" and "Start"), to the the run-up to kickoff give you the feeling of "being there."

Once you're ready for the first snap, you'll see retro play-call menus and stat banners that show how close you are to breaking a record -- and that make a big deal of it when you do make NFL history.

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manwich253462d ago

I know that I am gonna get madden 10, then I know I will hate it a week later