15 Games That Won't Slip to 2010

"We recently listed 21 games that were expected to be released in 2009 that look like slipping into 2010, did you catch it? If so you're possibly wondering about other big games coming out in 2009 and whether they too will be shafted into the next decade. Perhaps we can relax those fears for you: here are games that you may fear will slip, but that are actually a good bet to make their 2009 targets?" - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3485d ago

Some optimism. After reading yesterdays article on games that will slip I had felt a bit frustrated. But if all these games hit as gameplayer argues, then really I don't think I would have had enough money left over anyway. Add this to the certain 2009 hitters and we really do have a spectacular seven months coming up!

PirateThom3485d ago

Tekken 6
"We can also see Microsoft at E3 pushing this as its big game for this Christmas (even though it is on PS3 as well and have the exclusive Dead or Alive 5 on the horizon)."

DoA5 hasn't been announced and, given the new Team Ninja, there's no indication it's exclusive to a Microsoft platform.

Gaming journalism....

SlappingOysters3485d ago

they're saying that Microsoft will treat Tekken 6 like it is an excluisve, just to annoy Sony.

DoA5 was supposedly canned, but I heard recently that it was back on the cards

Sucks2BU3485d ago

As much as I hate the way MS do this stuff I bet Tekken ends up selling more on X360 that PS3 simply because of the install base.

That said, I'll take Fight Night Round 4 over it anyway

SlappingOysters3485d ago

I feel pretty sorry for Nintendo fans. (which in a small secret little way still includes me.)

Microsoft and Sony are always doing these rad events and big launch trailers for thier games and Nintendo does next to nothing. Who knows if any Nintendo games are going to hit or miss 2009. Who knows anything about Nintendo.

So frustrating. Just get normal.

timmyrulz3485d ago

Nintendo fans shouldnt be worried, they have wii horse riding to look forward to as well as wii drinking games, wii olympics, wii standing in the corner with yor hands on your head and dont forget Mario 55

andron3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Especially when they write stuff like this:

"The PS3 port of the original BioShock - released six months ago - was unpolished and dodgy: that has put a fear through us that 2K Marin will struggle at the death to get BioShock 2’s PS3 incarnation working to a good enough standard to get released on time."

That doesn't mirror what I experienced playing the PS3 game at all, it was a great port. It needed a patch to update some textures, but other than that it was a solid port.

I alos doubt LA Noir will be ready this year, but we'll see...

coolfool3485d ago

the pS3 bioshock with latest patches was the same as the original so was the original unpolished and dodgy?

I completely disagree with them on this.

SlappingOysters3485d ago

patches are no excuse. A lot of users are not even online to get them

Tachyon_Nova3485d ago

Mindless optimizm. Very little evidence to support some of those, just wishfully thinking. One thing is for sure, the majority of those games will be rippers when they do get released.

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