New Magna Carta 2 trailer

Namco Bandai published a new trailer from Magna Carta 2.

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Why dis3459d ago

Wish they showed some gameplay.

KionicWarlord2223459d ago

Never played first one but the screens from magazine and trailer looked good.

Why dis3459d ago

I like to fight so that is just as important to me as the story telling in this genre. I need to know if I will have fun. Battle comes first drama 2nd.

I'm just a bot with a Ghost after all.

FamilyGuy3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Oh thats what this trailer was missing....

A few things:
At first it looked like a PS2 game, not much of a budget for the animations.
Then it started looking a little better
The voice acting sounded Ok (for what it is/compared to older jrpgs)
Another jrpg for the 360 really makes me think i should just get one already. I don't even care if it's crappy i just like the genre and pretty cut-scenes (seriously) and the PS3 is lacking BIG TIME.

Don't mention Valk, i like casting spells and summoning sh!t

The end of the trailer say "Xbox 360" but it doesn't say "only on" so that's good, for them and me as 360 owners aren't really big on jrpgs (as we've seen so far) I don't care how crappy people claim Lost OD, Inf Und., and Star Ocean 4 to be I know i would like them.

Lost Planet 2 is more of a push even though i thought the first one looked like crap (fun-wise).

I'd be the first 360 owner to have no interest in Gears, mass effect or Halo if i did buy one LOL. But I hate that damn controller and i hate learning a new controller.

Bnet3433459d ago

Can't say I'm excited for this. For some reason it reminds me of The Last Remnant. It will be a nice sales boost for the 360 in Japan.

Godmars2903459d ago

Considering that it has yet to show if it brings nothing new to the genera.

7thNightvolley3459d ago

yup. only 360 version mentioned.

Godmars2903459d ago

At least until some gameplay is shown.

Anyone sane who's have played much less seen footage of Lost Odyssey or SO4 have to be able to see how sub-par the cutscene animation is.

ButterToast3459d ago

I don't know I like the cut scene animations and graphical style. story seems like it will be pretty typical though, which is too bad. I wish Japanese developers would start making more developed stories for their RPGs rather than the same old love story.

BTW I don't think it has anything to do with fanboy mentality. I don't own a 360 and the graphical style is very nice. you're right that its not the most technically brilliant looking game but so what.

7thNightvolley3459d ago

i never played the first one but i will wait till i see gameplay b4 i hype it or break it.

UltimateIdiot9113459d ago

Me neither but I heard the first one wasn't too good.

wanderofys3444d ago

If it's ANYTHING like the first one, it's going to be garbage. The first one was one of the worst RPGs I've played on the PS2, up there with Unlimited Saga

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