Tech Olive Retro Review: Day of the Tentacle

Tim Hage from Tech Olive writes: "Instead of using this month's retro review to play a game from my past, I decided to let it give me an excuse to play a game that I should have played long ago. Something that is hard to admit, but is a sad truth. I had never played Day Of The Tentacle. It was before my time, but that is no excuse to have skipped out on this classic addition to Lucas Arts' amazing collection of point-and-click adventure games."

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BlackIceJoe3484d ago

This was such a great game and so many more of LucasArts other Adventure games like Monkey Island. I so would love to see more games like this from LucasArts in this day and age. Plus I would love to see LucasArts put up there old classics online or remake them with newer graphics. Nothing would need to be changed just the graphics and I would buy the games.