New Naruto PSP game coming to US this fall

Karl B Writes:

You didn't think Namco Bandai was done with the Naruto franchise, did you? They're bringing over another Naruto game to North American PSPs this fall. The game is called Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising.

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Gamer60563512d ago

Wow the games just keep on coming to the psp. I am starting to believe Sony. This could be PSP year but we will see in E3

Danja3511d ago

if they announce GT Mobile for the PSP this year it's a wrap... one can hope still.

RememberThe3573511d ago

We can only hope. GT moble this fall and GT5 early next year? Or even the other way around. Actually, no there are too many freakin game coming this fall, I want GT early next year. I don't have enough time for all these damn games...

SmokingMonkey3511d ago

the PSP to the PS3

"I'm busting! PS3, I'm Busting!"

i just looked at Madden, he said "BOOM!"

TheBand1t3511d ago

GTFO with that lame garbage.

Farsendor13511d ago

naruto ninja storm was actually an all right game. interesting

DarkVincent3511d ago

i wish for another decent anime to be pushed to psp cause naruto sucks big emo crying time cause of my friend sausage??(sasu-idk) cause i have a demon fox inside me trying to get out of the closet :/ sorry guys had to get it out XD

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