Marvel vs. Capcom 2 "First Look" Preview (PlanetXbox360)

From the "first look" preview:

"Though nothing revolutionary, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a title that a lot of players certainly haven't forgotten. Originally released on the Dreamcast in June of 2000, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was the much anticipated sequel to the incredibly innovative Marvel vs. Capcom. It wasn't just the fact that we now had Mega Man facing off against Spiderman or Ryu taking on War Machine. Marvel vs. Capcom introduced a lot of new elements that the fighting game genre hadn't seen before. One in particular was the tag team system, which allowed a player to trade between characters during combat."

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Valkyrie833511d ago

can't wait for this one, looking forward to the amazing HD graphics and online gameplay; nice preview!

UltimaEnder3511d ago

I'm hoping it works a bit better with the 360 controller than past 2d fighters.....I'm sure Capcom can figure something out!

Bnet3433511d ago

lol controller? How many times must you people be told, get an arcade stick. Even people with PS3's get arcade sticks. If you plan on being good, get a stick. If you plan on playing for fun, then don't b*tch about the controller.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3511d ago

Anyway: Only on PS360 (TM)


Not on Wii.


Oh crap Please Crapcom bring Tatsunoko versus Street Fighter to PSN!

UltimaEnder3511d ago

Whatever Kigmel, I know plenty of people that are good only using the normal controller, it changes everything with an arcade stick so I would rather just stick to the average sized joy pad....thanks though!

boodybandit3511d ago

Get an arcade stick?
Okay no problem. Just point me in the right direction to get a retail priced arcade stick for either the 360 or PS3. I have been to several stores and checking the internet on a regular basis and still cant find one for SFIV since it launched.

kewlkat0073511d ago

I just got a SF4 TE stick for the 360 and I will no longer use controllers for fighting games.

You can play with a controller but your skills don't improve much because you are limited when it comes to combos.

I have an Extra Madcatz SF4 TE stick for the 360 at cost if anyone is interested.

PirateThom3511d ago

I actually have trouble with arcade sticks, even in the arcade.

Most of my fighting was done on Street Fighter II Turbo on SNES, so my fingers don't know anything else.

FragMnTagM3511d ago

It is going to be fun to relive some great times I had with this game. Shoot, I remember many times I went to the movies, and ended up missing the movie because I was playing this in the lobby.

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PepperJack3511d ago

looking good, great article!

FragMnTagM3511d ago

But the game is looking good. TORNADO CALL!!!

UltimaEnder3511d ago

I heard that, gonna have to dust off the ol' PS3 for this one, I call Wolverine!

Valkyrie833511d ago

Must get a PS3 as soon as possible, wait when does this game come out?

slave2Dcontroller3511d ago

but the demo is on PSN tomorrow so I would imagine within the next 2 weeks is when it will go up for grabs.

Looks like my Chun Li SF4 Fight Pad is gonna be used for more games than I initially expected :D

xino3511d ago


being waiting for the damn demo since 12! went to bed woke up and still no farking demo.

Piece of Sh** PSN, I had to make a US account, the US PSN store is much better than the farking UK store.

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caseh3511d ago

...they will remix the music, compared to the original MvsC its complete and utter sh!t.

Char select music is a prime example...'Im gonna take you for a ride' < wtf, seriously...WTF.

Fighter3511d ago

I will play the demo later today and buy this game day 1.

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