Media Create Software Sales 4/20 - 4/26

The top ten best-selling video games in Japan last week, according to Media Create.

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chidori6663512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

killzone2 surpasses the sells of r2 IN JAPAN!

Danja3512d ago

not bad sales for KZ2....

MHG sales a little lackluster....

RememberThe3573512d ago

And Killzone 2 is doing much better then I thought it would. It's pretty cool seeing Japanese player online now.

Bnet3433512d ago

WTF is HAWX doing there? And WTF is Death Smiles? Nice KZ2 sales, should reach 100k soon.

Unicron3511d ago

Death Smiles is a crazy bullet hell game. Check it out on Youtube.

Any game that has a final boss named TyrannoSatan owes your respect :-)

N4g_null3511d ago

MHG sales a little lackluster my a$$ it is a port of the older version they already have this game and it still sold. This is not a true sequel and we all know this game will sell slow first like all good Wii games and then pick up over time once people actually get into it.

ThanatosDMC3511d ago

Everybody and their grandmother all ready has Monster Hunter Portable G on their PSPs and there's nothing noticeable changes on the Wii version.

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Farsendor13512d ago

wow it being a monster hunter game i though it would have sold loads of copies.

UltimateIdiot9113511d ago

I think the primary reason why MH is so successful on the PSP is the portability. Japanese want to be able to play on the train and on the go which is why the handheld market in Japan is so big.

Smacktard3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

For a 5 year old port, 132,000 sales in the first week is not bad...

I love how Killzone's 40k sales is fantastic news, but a 5 year old port's 130,000 sales is awful. Because it's on the Wii.


DaTruth3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Here's how it looks without fanboy goggles: FPS(unpopular genre)in Japan on smaller install base console 40k good. Very popular game in Japan on much larger install base: 132k, still good but not as much as expected.

The sun is also much brighter without fanboy goggles!

Smacktard3511d ago

No, I know, FPSes are unpopular in Japan, so Killzone 2 is actually doing fairly well there. Yes, I know this. But uhh, I don't think 5 year-old EXACT ports are that popular either, and that sold better. Stop with the double-standards.

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Marceles3512d ago

lol...i always look at that guy's picture when i need a laugh

chasegamez23511d ago

capcom better think again

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