PS3 Software Attach Rate Hits 1.65

Healthy opening weekend software sales boost record breaking launch.
Just as it revealed that Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm had swept into the top two spots in the all formats listings this week, ChartTrack also confirmed that overall, PS3 games were sold at a software-to-hardware ratio of 1.65.

Considering the price of the console, this represents a significant success for platform holder Sony, although its predecessor PS2 boasted an opening weekend attach rate ratio of 1.67.

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TheMART4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Uhm... Is that healthy?

The PS2 had 1.9 launch attach rate. As had the Gamecube
The XBOX had 2.4

The 360 had 4.5 @ launch.

So if we translate this number compared to the 1.67 for the PS2 in the launch weekend, We could say the PS3 will have a attach rate for the total launch of about 1.9 game per unit also? That's a sad number then...

@ Deepbrown (below)

1. They say for the PS2 it's 1.67 attach rate in the launch WEEKEND. The official Launch numbers have been stated to be

1.9 for PS2/Gamecube
2.4 for xbox

I bet those are taken from the first week/weeks instead of only the launch weekend.

2. If they say the PS2 had 1.67 at the launch weekend and the PS3 has 1.64, I take that in account with the offical known launch attach rates last gen 1.9 for PS2 probably more then a weekend but for a week or weeks or so.

So PS2 and PS3 will have about that launch attach rate.

3. Is a 4.5 attach rate a negative thing?

Ofcourse, there are different analysts. Those that say the glass is half full or half empty.

Most of my friends are no hardcore gamers. Many of them the 360 is even their first console. Still they bought 4 gamers or more. Because they like them. Because the online service is so great that they want more. Because the 360 is just that addictive.

4. You think the PS3's sold isn't to the diehard Sony gamers? Those pre orders are not from usual gamers my friend for 600 euro. They just don't have much money more to buy only 1 and some 2 games.

The freaking thing is overexpensive plus it has almost no games to sell that are worth it. Resistance is good, not great, just good. Motorstorm is nice. But no AAA titles yet. All reviewed between 80 and 90%

And that's that. An attach rate of 1 or 2 games must worry Sony, loosing 250 dollars on each PS3

techie4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

One. It says here that the ps2 attach was 1.67 at launch.

Two. Microsoft have proven to be able to target the hardcore gamer. Also their price allows for more games.

Three. is 4 game attach rate positive?

“We believe the unusually high attach rate on the 360 is a sign of an increasingly unhealthy console growth rate, and should be worrisome to publishers and investors.”

"The analysts further explain their hypothesis by offering that a significant portion of the Xbox 360 consoles currently in circulation were purchased by hard-core gamers, who, by definition, purchase a lot of games.
Because of this, even if the hardware installed base were to remain relatively unchanged over the next 18 months, the software attach rate would continue to climb. Thus, while the numbers would seem to indicate a healthy consumer trend for the Xbox 360, the report concludes that “its growth will be capped fairly quickly without an ever-expanding hardware installed base.”

Four. If it's close to the ps2 then it is healthy. I wouldn't worry about it. The price of first party games in the UK are also lower, so with more first party games the attach rate goes up.

Note themart you are quoting the worldwide attach rate for the ps2. The UK attach rate was 1.67

If the console sells and the games are getting in the top 10 of ALL FORMATS (this didn't occur in the US or Japan) then it's a good thing themart. A very good thing. You can predict doom and gloom, but if the consoles are selling and the attach rate is healthy...what's getting on your tits?

BrotherSic4761d ago

I guess it reflects on the high price of the console and lack of truly great titles

kewlkat0074761d ago

your right about that one. I mean close to 1Grand, with at least 3 games, HD Cable, Extra Controller. That would be an average gamer. Hardcore Fans want all the works. So throw in the Blue-Ray movies and some other acessories, but not even that is happening.

I go into Cosco's and there is 15 PS3 bundles going for $699 with an extra controller and Genji game. This thing is too expansive. You look at the PS3 and go ahh, it's pretty, it's so pretty ,(at least I did), then you look at the price and go naaaw.

Thats a weeks check for some and a week and a half for others. Plus you can't compare the PS2 to this era cause economy is different. The prices for everything has sky rocketed while Paychecks barely went up. The middles class ain't so middle anymore. The gap between the rich and poor is growing fast.

on Another note:
I wanted to buy a Wii yesterday and I drove to Coscos, Best Buys, Toy R Us, Circuit City, Bj's, Sears, and Gamestop here in Boston and couldn't find any. Who is hogging all the Wii's?

PSN Starfleets4761d ago

Then why did people buy it?

Question to ponder.

power0919994761d ago

I am curious if it will stay at this number, or as more/better games come out. If it will increase.

This number does not phase me one way or another. I still feel that Sony will do well.

I thought I read that the attach rate had made it into the 2.* area though, about a month ago. No?

Torch4761d ago

Here's the link for the aforementioned story:

I'm guessing this takes the new March 23rd launch into account, thereby lowering the average number? Sounds like too much of a drop for it to have such an effect though.

Anywho, my personal rate went up to five earlier last week (gotta love birthdays!), and will further climb to six this coming Thursday, via Splinter Cell, which I highly anticipate.

power0919994761d ago

When they say attach rate, does this mean the games bought at point of purchase of the system?

Or does this mean games bought for the system in general?

Torch4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

the rate pertains to the ratio of total games sold, to total systems sold.

JHFKDFNFGJKFHDKF4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

dont they need it to be 10 titles per console to make a profit... theyve got a while to go

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